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Moss Cleaner

For Concrete, Tarmac and Natural Stone

Moss Remover for Concrete, Tarmac Driveways and Roofs

Moss Remover for paving, driveways and other hard surfaces. Our moss remover is highly effective in moss removal from concrete, roofs and tarmac. Easy to use, just dilute the moss remover with water and apply by watering can or sprayer.

Moss Clear and Moss Clear Pro are effective moss removers and anti-fungicides that will rapidly kill and remove moss and green algae from concrete and tarmac driveways as well as roof tiles.

Smartseal moss control products are safe to use around pets and children. They are simple and easy to apply for any contractor or DIY enthusiast. Our antibacterial formulations contain no bleach or acid and are totally water soluble. 

If you are looking for a moss killer for driveways or moss killer for a patio this is the correct product for you. The formulation will  also provide rapid results as a moss killer for tarmac and will not the damage surface to which it has been applied. Our moss removal products will also provide an effective treatment for other organic organisms such as algae, lichen, fungi and mildew. The formulations are very versatile and can be used for a multitude of surfaces, but should not be used on grass. The moss killer can be applied whenever moss is present on paving blocks, tarmac, paving slabs, resin bonded gravel, bricks, wooden decking tennis courts, artificial sports surfaces, natural stone and concrete.

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Roof Moss Killer, Moss Remover & Moss Killer for Roofs

MossClear and MossClear PRO can be used on any size of residential or commercial property. The coverage area will be dependent on the level of infestation, dilution rates and the method of application. It is always advised to saturate the infested area in the driest conditions possible. When dry the plant will readily absorb the formula into it root structure leading to the most effective and fastest results. Generally if applied at an average 1:5 ratio of dilution, this means that 5 litre will treat between 75-100 m2. If used as part of a preventative programme, dilution and coverage rates can be increased. Application is normally by watering can or pump sprayer. When treating areas with a heavy infestation, where possible brush off the growth to expose the roots and ensure the product is applied to saturation. Do not apply if rain is expected within a least the next 4 hours.

Once applied, the product will start working straight away, often results will start to be seen within 1-3 days, dependent on dilution, method of application and degree of infestation. It is normally around 7 days before the product is fully effective. After the desired results have been achieved, as the product also contains inhibitors, the treated area should remain uncontaminated for at least 6 months. At the first sign of moss or algae starting to reform, the product should be re-applied at a higher level of dilution (up to 10:1)

With the nature of its ingredients, our moss removal products will not stain the driveway, patio, brickwork, tarmac or any other surface. It is also highly effective when used for removing moss from roof tiles. Whether the roof is made from concrete tiles, slate or clay tiles, the results will be very good. Flat roofs, corrugated sheets, shingles and felt roofs can all be treated. After the roof moss killer treatment has been successful a re-application when required, will prevent the roof from re-infestation

We regard these as the best moss removal products for concrete, tarmac and roof tiles. They are fast acting biocides to remove moss, green algae and other organic growth.Our moss removal products are widely regarded as some of the most potent around today. Used by homeowners and professional tradesmen to swiftly remove moss, green algae and lichen from driveways, patios and roofs.

Moss killers from Smartseal include Moss Clear, Moss Clear Pro and Roof Clean Xtreme.

If you are looking for suppliers and stockists of moss removers or products to kill and eliminate moss, algae and lichen from an external hard surface, call 01268 722500.