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Melt Ice Fast on Drives, Patios & Paths - Salt Free - Will Not Damage Sealer - Pet & Plant Safe ** FREE DELIVERY**

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Customer Reviews

Excellent product. The blue granules clearly show where product has been applied. We have a steep drive but once spread, product remains in place and is effective for a long time provided no heavy rain falls.

By Dave Lam From Warrington

Not yet used product. Excellent service and super fast delivery

By Adrian Swales


By David Clarke From David

Good when the snow is deep and the "Pea" sized granules don't roll about. However, it is not so good when put on ice, as the granules get kicked/pushed or just roll away. Salt granules would at least remain where you put them. DEEP SNOW - GOOD!! ICE - POOR!!

By Peter Thomson

Great item, keeps my patio frost free and no residue in the house from the dogs feet

By Lily Harper

This product is amazing. !!! I used it at the same time as my next door neighbour was applying regular Rock salt to his block paved drive. 24 hours later, after 2 more flurries of snow, his drive is snow covered and mine is completely clear ! He popped round just now to ask what i used . I guess that says it all really.

By Jon kemp From CUMBRIA

Not used purchase yet as weather too mild.My neighbour had this product for last winter and seeing him using it and the results I was quite impressed

By Graham Steele From Montrose

Unable to comment not used goods yet. However, service excellent goods arrived very quick

By Ian Brogden

Friendly after sales with good info on delivery, not used the product but I'm sure it will do what it says on the tin.

By Stuart Vallance

Asked to rate it when we have not had frost or snow yet so I honestly have no idea if the product is good or bad. It is not fair therefore for me to give it a proper rating yet so I have marked it middle of the road. Smartseal, could you ask for a review after the year when it has been tested?

By Alan Moore From Edinburgh
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RAPID THAW - Eco-friendly De-icer for Driveways, Patios & Paths.

***Safe for Pets and Plants***

Keeping driveways, patios and paths free from ice can be a big problem in the winter months. Even using traditional ice clearing methods such as rock salt only works for a short period. Effective de-icing of a driveway or path is essential so they are safe to walk on during very cold periods. Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg tubs.

Melting snow and ice on driveways, paths and patios has been a problem for many years but there is now an eco-friendly solution far more effective than rock salt. Smartseal now offers a faster, cleaner and more environmentally friendly de-icing solution for driveways, patios and any other hard standing surfaces. Rapid Thaw is the efficient, effective de-icing alternative to rock salt that leaves no dirty, messy residue and clears snow and ice quickly. The mucky residue from rock salt that is easily walked into homes and commercial premises, can cause unwanted dirty marks, staining and damage to carpets and flooring.

 The product starts working immediately after encountering ice, frost or snow, Rapid Thaw's unique formulation generates heat, that quickly melts snow and ice instantly reducing the risk of slipping or falling on icy surfaces. Rapid Thaw can be used on many external ice covered surfaces and most frequently as a driveway de-icer, path de-icer as well as a decking de-icer.

 Rapid Thaw is simple to apply and works at far lower temperatures than other de-icers such as rock salt. Importantly, unlike salt or grit, if applied to a sealed surface such as a drive or patio, Rapid Thaw will not damage, erode or reduce the sealers lifespan. In complete contrast to rock salt, it will not damage concrete based surfaces or paving.

  • Rapid, non-corrosive de-icer for driveways, paths and patios of any type including block paving, imprinted concrete, Tarmac or natural stone 
  • Our unique formulation generates heat, quickly melting snow and ice
  • Average coverage: 6 - 8 m per kg
  • If applied to a sealed surface such as a drive or patio, will not damage, erode or reduce the sealers lifespan
  • Safe to use on Tarmac without risk of damaging the Tarmac or asphalt.
  • Pet-friendly alternative to rock salt


An eco-friendly de-icing solution for ice and snow. The granular de-icer has been proven to be 3 times faster than rock salt and 90% less corrosive. Rapid Thaw is ideal for clear snow and ice from paths, ramps, driveways, yards, airports, loading bays, steps and much more. This de-icer will work in temperatures down to -15C and will continue to work for up to 48 hours.


- Eco-friendly granular de-icer
- Suitable for use on driveways, paths, steps, etc.
- Works straight away and effective up to 48 hours
- Melts ice 3 x times faster than rock salt
- 90% less corrosive than rock salt
- Works in temperatures of -15C

Product Safety:

This product is subject to specific safety warnings:

- In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
- Avoid contact with eyes
- Avoid contact with skin
- Do not breathe dust