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Rapid De-Icer for Driveways, Paths & Patios. Melts ice faster than Rock Salt

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Keeping driveways, patios and paths free from ice can be a big problem in the winter months. Even using traditional ice clearing methods such as rock salt only works for a short period. Effective de-icing of a driveway or path is essential so they are safe to walk on during very cold periods.

Melting snow and ice on driveways, paths and patios has been a problem for many years but there is now an eco-friendly solution far more effective than rock salt. Smartseal now offers a faster, cleaner and more environmentally friendly de-icing solution for driveways, patios and any other hard standing surfaces. Rapid Thaw is the efficient, effective de-icing alternative to rock salt that leaves no dirty, messy residue and clears snow and ice quickly. The mucky residue from rock salt that is easily walked into homes and commercial premises, can cause unwanted dirty marks, staining and damage to carpets and flooring.

The product starts working Immediately after coming into contact with ice, frost or snow, Rapid Thaw's unique formulation generates heat, that quickly melts snow and ice instantly reducing the risk of slipping or falling on icy surfaces. Rapid Thaw can be used on many external ice covered surfaces and most frequently as a driveway de-icer, path de-icer as well as a decking de-icer

Rapid Thaw is simple to apply and works at far lower temperatures than other de-icers such as rock salt. Importantly, unlike salt or grit, if applied to a sealed surface such as a drive or patio, Rapid Thaw will not damage, erode or reduce the sealers lifespan. In complete contrast to rock salt, it will not damage concrete based surfaces or paving.

Rapid Thaw is the safe solution for de-icing drives and de-icing patios. It can be safely used as a de-icer for tarmac without risk of damaging the tarmac or asphalt. Simply spread across the affected surface by hand, trowel or spade and watch the snow or ice disappear.

Rapid Thaw has been formulated with the environment in mind, it can also be safely used around  all forms of vegetation and wildlife. It will not harm plants, trees, roots or foliage and will not cause damage to soil. Our pet-friendly alternative to salt will not have the same adverse effect of grit on animal paws. The rock salt in the grit can cause irritation and inflammation to pets paws and wildlife in general.

Quite a high percentage of homes and businesses in the UK still use rock salt to melt snow and ice throughout the winter months. Many people are seemingly unaware of the damaging effects of this type of product. Any salt-based ice melting product will contain potassium chloride or sodium chloride both recognised as chemicals that cause harm to animals and the environment. Rapid Thaw however is far more eco-friendly than rock salt and is not corrosive at all - it is by far the best alternative de-icer to rock salt.

Rapid Thaw will also work at temperatures far lower than rock salt, in recent winters it has been widely reported that on several occasions salt and grit stopped working due to the temperatures experienced around the UK. 

Surface degradation to concrete based surfaces caused by rock salt is very common as it greatly increases the effects of the 'freeze-thaw' cycle. Although concrete and concrete based paving products appear to be very solid and durable, they are in fact quite porous materials that readily absorb moisture. Where rock salt and grit is applied, this destructive cocktail of salt and water penetrates into the surface when the ice or snow melts. It is also not widely known that rock salt is recognised as 'hygroscopic' this means it actually attracts around 10% more moisture than untreated surfaces. This again leads to greater problems as more water freezes and thaws within the substrate. The results of 'freeze-thaw' can be widely seen in form of surface cracking and spalling.

Be very careful if you are thinking of using rock salt around your home if you have a dog or cat. A dog or cats exposure to excessive amounts of salt is generally caused by them licking the salt of their paws. Large amounts of salt licked off their paws, can cause skin, stomach and intestinal problems to domestic pets and wildlife.

Salt will also cause rusting and corrosion, this not only damages valuable possessions but can lead to rust stains on drives and patios that can be very difficult to remove. Rapid Thaw is available in a variety of sized containers for domestic and commercial use,  and delivery normally is within 1-2 days. Please get in touch for further Information or advice.


An eco-friendly de-icing solution for ice and snow. The granular de-icer has been proven to be 3 times faster than rock salt and 90% less corrosive. Rapid Thaw is ideal for clear snow and ice from paths, ramps, driveways, yards, airports, loading bays, steps and much more. This de-icer will work in temperatures down to -15C and will continue to work for up to 48 hours.


- Eco-friendly granular de-icer
- Suitable for use on driveways, paths, steps, etc.
- Works straight away and effective up to 48 hours
- Melts ice 3x times faster than rock salt
- 90% less corrosive than rock salt
- Works in temperatures of -15C

Product Safety:

This product is subject to specific safety warnings:

- In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
- Avoid contact with eyes
- Avoid contact with skin
- Do not breathe dust