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Decking Oil

Lasting Protection for Decking

Stockists of high quality protective Liberon decking oil

Decking has been laid in large quantities across the UK, usually as a feature on a patio or another area in a garden. However, it can quickly lose its lustre and attract the growth of green algae, especially in damp shaded areas. To keep the decking looking like new, a coating of decking oil every 1-2 years will certainly help.

Liberon decking oil is a high quality protective oil to prolong the lifespan of decking and other wooden surfaces. Applied by brush, roller or sprayer the decking oil will restore the look and appearance of decking that may have lost colour due to the bleaching effect of the sun. Once dry the decking oil can make old decking look like new.

Prior to application, please ensure the decking is clean and dry and free from the growth of moss and algae. If moss and algae are growing on the decking, use our moss remover called Moss Clear Pro to ensure the moss or algae spores are completely killed off. If the decking is particularly dirty, use Xtreme60 to ensure the surface is completely clean of ingrained dirt and grime. 



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Liberon Decking Oil is a clear, highly protective oil to preserve the look and appearance of decking.

Decking can turn green very quickly if algae spores are not killed off and removed. Direct sunlight will bleach decking and take the original colour out of it. Liberon decking oil will quickly resore the original colour of the decking making it look like new once again. To keep decking looking like new, re-apply Liberon Clear Decking Oil every 1-2 years.

Smartseal are stockists and suppliers of Liberon Decking Oil in a clear finish. Only to be used on soft wooden decking.