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Drive Clean Xtreme - 5 Litre - **BUY 1 GET 1 LESS THAN HALF PRICE** Powerful, Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner

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Drive Clean Xtreme - 5 Litre - **BUY 1 GET 1 LESS THAN HALF PRICE** Powerful, Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner
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Excellent results after cement stained drive from building work. Follow the instructions

By John Burton From Bristol

The patio cleaner is excellent and worked a treat in removing some very stubborn stains, black spot and marks. Be careful to follow the instructions as it is quite powerful stuff. Am now trying out the drive cleaner so hopefully some warmer weather on the way!

By Reginald Lee

Have used the driveway cleaner before with excellent results

By Barry Shiner

After only having my day Ive installed a little over 2 years ago, I didnt expect it to lose its colour, sealant and crack in several places this quickly. I got several quotes for the repair and reseal, which stretched to over 1000, so I did a bit of research and found the Smartseal website and a couple of YouTube videos which were of immense help. I decided that I needed crack repair mix, colour tint, anti-slip additive, matt sealant, extreme drive cleaner (for a few stubborn patches of green algae) and an application pack of gloves, mask, broom etc. Once I had cleaned the algae off, prepared the drive and repaired the cracks and chips, the actual colouring was really easy and I had the first coat on within a few hours (quite a large area to do). I left it for about 5 hours and then added the second coat, including the ant-slip additive and left it to then dry and cure overnight. I can honestly say it has turned out so much better than I had expected or hoped for and I still have plenty left to re-coat if needed in the future!

By Paul Dunn From Tyne and Wear

A great product. I use it to give my block paving drive and patio an annual clean. It is highly effective, far less messy and gentler on the pavers than using a power wash. It helps make a hard annual task much much easier and leaves the pavers looking great.

By Barry White

This is the first time I used the cleaning solution. The mess left by builders on the drive and patio got cleared very easily. Most of the dirt loosened by the product and jet washing afterwards completed the job.

By Indra Wijesinghe

Yup, as a driveway cleaner it works but it is too expensive. Its smells like bleach so I suspect a few bottles from Tesco would do the same thing for a cheaper price.

By K Holdsworth

Great cleaning product - thoroughly recommended.

By mel lloyd From Kidderminster

The driveway cleaner is an excellent product, works a treat

By Tracy Shepherd

Use the cleaner on my imprinted concrete driveway. Cleared all algae an left very clean. Best to wear wellingtons gloves and glasses when using .

By Ian McGregor


By David Brindley

Use this on the imprinted concrete driveway cant say if it did or didnt make any difference without it all I can say is the driveway came up really clean left on for around 1.5 hours

By Kevin Brown

The driveway cleaner product works well. Some areas needed extra coating, but overall really pleased with the results. Thank you.

By John Reynolds

Excellent quality, the driveway cleaning fluid works well, but still needs the power of the jetwash for best results

By John Cromby From Liverpool

Great product always use this

By Stephen Briggs

By Christopher French From Falkirk, Scotland

Great product, my husband used it on our sandstone driveway and has cleaned up brilliantly and it looks as good as new. Used a slightly stronger solution then recommended and hardly any scrubbing. Planning on using sealant in the future. Would highly recommend the product

By B Patel From Surbiton

The product certainly helped to clean the block paving, although I did pressure washer prior to using the Drive Clean fluid. I found that using a garden sprayer is more efficient than a watering can. Overall, it has made a significant difference to the block paving. I would certainly recommend it.

By Robert Quarton From ALFRETON

Great product, followed the instructions and now have a clean drive. Had to scrub hard at some of the worst black spots but even they disappeared. Our neighbour was so impressed that they bought some. Has now given me the confidence in the products to buy the sealant.

By Dennis Woolf
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Driveway Cleaner for Block Paving. Best Concrete Driveway Cleaner

**Please note: by purchasing this offer, you will receive 2 x Drive Clean Xtreme - 5 Litre (usually 31.95 plus delivery each.)

Best driveway cleaner for Block Paving, Concrete and Natural Stone Driveways. A powerful Black Spot remover for driveways. *Not recommended for use on Tarmac*

DriveClean Xtreme is a fast acting, high performance cleaning product. DriveClean Xtreme offers the easy way to keep block paving or any other hard surface driveway clean without intense pressure washing. Simply dilute 1:1 and apply to a wet surface by watering can or sprayer, ensure that surface remains wet for 60 minute period, then rinse away with clean water. For areas of heavy contamination or soiling, leave product on surface for longer or re-apply.

DriveClean Xtreme contains 4 powerful, active ingredients that will clean and inhibit further growth and spread of

  • Black Spot
  • Algae and Lichens
  • Moss
  • Surface Grime

5 litres of product will clean and treat approximately 40 m of block paving; 25 litres will cover 200 m; wear appropriate safety wear at all times. See technical page for more information.

If you want a powerful block paving cleaner, DriveClean Xtreme works quickly and effectively. The driveway cleaner for block paving will remove stubborn black spot that can be hard to shift.



Remove any loose debris or heavy build up of moss and wet the surface with water. Dilute product at a ratio of 1:1. Apply generously to block paving or driveway using a watering can or sprayer, leave on the surface for approx 60 minutes before cleaning and rinsing off.

It is important to ensure surface remains damp during 60 minute period as product becomes inactive once dry. Most ingrained organic matter and grime will be removed after one application, but sometimes a second application may be required for that 'good as new' look.

Health & Safety

DriveClean Xtreme
contains chlorine as an active ingredient and will stain fabrics and sensitive materials. Take care to avoid contact with fabrics during application. Toxic to aquatic life, wear protective gloves and goggles at all times. DriveClean Xtreme can cause skin burns, avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.