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Let Smartseal Help You - Summer is just around the corner
Let Smartseal Help You - Summer is just around the corner 23rd February 2018 in Latest News

A smart new driveway or patio really enhances your home, but with time the elements can cause unprotected surfaces to become untidy, dirty, faded and overgrown. But do not worry, Smartseal have the perfect solution

If you are a person who does not enjoy, or have time for DIY, our registered agents are experts in transforming the look of your property, protecting your investment and reducing future maintenance. Smartseal agents are well equipped to enhance the appearance and transform all the external surfaces around your home. 

Whether you have moss covered roof tiles, old looking tarmac, or a weed covered drive, we can help. Our registered agents can bring new life to your decking, dampproof your walls, refresh your patio and restore your driveway.

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Why pressure washing can damage your drive
Why pressure washing can damage your drive 19th January 2018 in Latest News

When maintaining any kind of drive you should always be aware of potential damage and the reduction of the lifespan that a pressure washer can cause. Block paving, tarmac and all forms of concrete can be adversely affected by intensive jet washing.

With block paving, pressure washing will quickly wear away the protective surface layer of the paving and will cause loss of colour. It can also erode the protective weather resistant ‘skin’ on the top of the substrate, this will lead to increased porosity, which in turn enables dirt, grime, algae and lichen to establish itself and become ingrained within the surface.

If you can imagine, every time you jet wash your drive or patio, it creates an accelerated weathering effect that is not beneficial to the surface and will reduce its lifespan.

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Thinking about starting a driveway cleaning business?
Thinking about starting a driveway cleaning business? 19th January 2018 in Latest News

Have you thought about starting your own business?

Pressure cleaning and application of protective sealers to driveways, patios, walls, roofs and other hard surfaces is a booming industry across the UK.

Smartseal can help you start your own business, or provide everything required to add our services to your existing company.

Smartseal are the No1 company for hard surface cleaning and restoration to homes and businesses owners across the UK

Since 2008 Smartseal have successfully worked with many people from diverse backgrounds and helped them develop and grow their own business.

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Until recently, the only way to keep a roof clean was by the potentially damaging and dangerous process of pressure cleaning, while standing on the tiles. Although effective, this type of roof cleaning work should be carried out by fully experienced, professional contractors. If you are not careful, it can result in broken tiles, leaks and discolouration of the roof. Many homeowners are now looking for alternatives when it comes to having their roofs cleaned.

Our Biowash™ roof cleaning system is great for removing dirt and algae from roof tiles and is similar to softwashing but cleans a roof much more effectively.

The Biowash™ roof cleaning process can usaually be done in one day. This new roof cleaning process is carried out from the ground or at gutter level and avoids any potential damage to roof tiles.

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THE BENEFITS OF USING A CONCRETE SEALER 23rd November 2017 in Latest News

Concrete is one of the most widely used surfaces in the world today. However, concrete by its very nature is porous and is vulnerable to damage caused by water penetration and frost.

If concrete is allowed to retain water, it will deteriorate and start to crack up over time. To stop concrete deteriorating and breaking up, it is always best to use a concrete sealer to prevent water ingress and ongoing potential problems.

There are many types of concrete sealer, some solvent based and others are solvent free.

A solvent based concrete sealer is usually used externally because of the VOCs released during the curing time. A solvent free concrete sealer are more often than not used internally as they do not smell and any VOCs are usually minimal. 

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