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The seven deadly sins of the DIY

It would be nice if all our projects "do it by yourself" had smooth sailing

and a happy landing in a successful implementation!

Unfortunately, to all of us it happened to have undertaken projects that have not gone in the right direction.


Suddenly we find ourselves, at the weekend, with an hammer in the hand and a piece of crumbling and someone who, that day, at the door to make us a surprise visit.

It`s in those situations that we feel overwhelmed by the worst destructive tendencies and we wonder how and why we decided to stretch out on the couch for a healthy night's sleep.

The reason, my friends, is to find the seven deadly sins of DIY that now I'm going to illustrate!


All begins from here.

You are on Pinterest and you come across that delightful object that seems so easy to accomplish.

The desire takes over on you almost feel a slight pressure on the bones of the chest, a kind of tickled.

Know that it is the pitchfork of an invisible devil who is lobbying telling you "Do it, do not you see how simple it is!?"

But if you try to resist his temptations he thinks the worm murderess who will begin to dig into the mind to remember, obsessively, that sooner or later you will have to realize that project and your craving will not be appeased until they decide to try to do it!


Were you in a shop of the center that sells items so so cute and you were fascinated by the trivet of corks, is not it?

Come on, I`m talking about one of those shops that sell handicrafts found objects at stratospheric prices, one of those shops where you see get a few customers a day and about which you wonder how the hell do you keep open.

"I can do the same thing alone for less money!", you think.

The clerk hates those bulbs that light up above the customer`s heads and heads with a nod and you head swiftly exit, he tries to electrocute your light bulb with his eyes.

Today you have won, but at what price?



It`s horrible to know that there are people out there with the fairy hands that manage to achieve so much delicious items almost effortlessly.

Everything seems to succeed them beautifully while we manage to turn even the most basic work in colossal disasters.

The objects created by these gods of DIY, beautifully photographed and placed in homes decorated with equally splendid taste, seem to look from Facebook and Pinterest on purpose to make us ashamed of our lack of manual dexterity.

They are the King Midas of DIY and everything we touch turns to dust.

To us, in addition to feeding our envy, we have to raise the general hilarity on sites like Pinterest fail.


The big blowout from DIY projects is reflected by the number of bookmarks your browser or Pinterest pin relative to tutorials and projects categorized as "to do."

Often these projects turn out to be much more numerous and harsh than what you can manage to chew.

An endless list to which you can not even more to give an implementation priorities.

By now you have been overwhelmed by your greed!

Similarly, your eyes are bigger than your toolbox and all those projects have proved they are destined to remain only on Facebook or Pinterest.


Pride in yourself is like a filthy beast mythological lifting her head in various ways.

When, for example, you decide to deliberately ignore the mounting instructions believing knowledgeable.

We all know the result, is not it?

Or when we decide to ignore the advice of someone who has already done the job before us because we believe, because of our hubris, that we can not diminish to get advice on how to do something.

And finally, pride turns up at the end of the project, if managed well.


The padded headboard of the bed, which began a month ago, is still far from being finished and the tools to achieve it are scattered around the room to indicate that work is still in progress but without a default expiration date.

The spouse curses the day you wanted to start the work himself and has sick and tired of having to sleep on a mattress placed on the floor.

You will get the most outlandish excuses but in the meantime do not forfeit your favourite program on TV. Work can begin later...


To have thrown headlong into the realization of this new project but nothing goes according to your expectations.

Your brain is boiling and it`s similar to a pressure cooker.

Relatives and friends will stay away hoping that everything will end as soon as you complain against the universe and you're undecided what to do: start from scratch or hurl all against the wall or out the window?

Typically, when we are in this state that happen to the worst accidents in the home and then it ends up raining in the wet!

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