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Concrete Cleaners & Concrete Sealers for Internal Use

Concrete Cleaners & Concrete Sealers for Floors, Worktops & Walls

Concrete cleaning products and concrete sealers for use on internal concrete floors and walls.

Concrete is widely used internally and although not as much, it still needs cleaning and protecting like external concrete surfaces.

If you require concrete sealer for an internal floor, our concrete sealer for internal surfaces will impregnate deep into the stone and create a water and stain resistant surface. Smartseal concrete sealer for internal floors is solvent free and contains no harmful chemicals or un-pleasent odours.

The concrete sealer for internal floors complies with the latest REACH regulations which means it can be used safely without any risk of adverse effects to people or animals.

Smartseal concrete sealer for internal floors is a one coat, easy to apply use product that can be applied by roller, sprayer or paint brush. Once applied a lifespan of in the region of approx 10 years can be expected

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Concrete Floor Sealers & Cleaning Products for Concrete

Concrete is generally porous and because of this, can get dirty quite quickly. Efflorescence or whiteness by salt contamination can also be a problem. Prior to sealing a concrete floor any dirt or grime should be removed with a good quality concrete cleaning product.

Smartseal internal concrete sealers are specially formulated to provide lasting protection to internal concrete walls, worktops and floors. The concrete sealers work by 'impregnating' or filling the microscopic voids in the substrate which then creates a water resistant protective barrier which stops water penetration.

The concrete sealer leaves a dry 'invisible' finish and will not alter the appearance of the concrete being sealed. Internal concrete sealers from Smartseal are water based but highly penetrating and effective in making concrete floors and walls water resistant.