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Patio Cleaner Xtreme - Quickly Removes Black Spot, Algae and Lichen

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Patio Cleaner Xtreme - Quickly Removes Black Spot, Algae and Lichen
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Very effective at removing all but the most stubborn black spot lichen. I will re-treat the stubborn spots with undiluted Patio Cleaner Xtreme and some elbow grease. Fantastic value for money for large areas compared to other products on the market.

By Paul Edmonston From Surrey

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this stuff it. I used a garden sprayer, filled it with 5 litres of Smartseal and mixed with 5 litres of water. Sprayed on the patio cleaner and within 5-10 minutes the paving was much cleaner. Much easier than jet washing by far. My patio (sandstone) was quite dirty so I did one treatment and left for an hour and rinsed off lightly with a hose & bucket A day later I did another treatment and left for 3 hours. For completeness I did take my pressure washer to the patio after and was able to remove further dirt, but it was much easier removing the dirt after this treatment. Highly recommend. It is a chlorine based product (strong bleach) so will discolour grass / plants / clothes, so just be careful. Otherwise a highly recommended product.

By Steven Hague From oxted

Just moved to a new property , large patio with moss and agile which had not been cleaned for over 10 years, purchased Smartseal patio cleaner Xtreme which has transformed it back to its natural sandstone colour with one application. I still have places where black spot remain so I am hoping another a second application will do the trick. I would highly recommend this product

By Colin Owens

Brilliant results! Patio slabs now look like new and all black spot algae removed with no effort. Have wasted a lot of money on other products which did not work. No hesitation in recommending this product.

By C Canning From Chester

Spent the 2nd day in lockdown cleaning the back garden patio sandstone slabs were rotten and generally grubby applied this product as described on the tub washed it off 2 hrs later with the hose ...brilliant! like it had just been laid absolutely over the moon and no need too Jet wash would definitely recommend!

By Craig Hannaway From 25/03/2020

This product is the real deal. Use it twice a year on my patio. The result is far better than jet washing with no damage or erosion.

By Tom Sanders

Excellent product, very easy to apply, minimum effort required, patio now looks like new, very pleased,

By Alan Davidson

This product is absolutely amazing have put up with black spot and grubby block paving for years and no amount of jet washing improved the situation just one application of Patio Clean extreme and the patio is virtually like new.

By TERENCE Hadland From Smartseal.co.uk

What a brilliant product, it has almost fully removed the black spot from our natural stone patio.

By Carolyn Woods From Leics

Brilliant product will never use my jet washer to clean my patio again so much time and effort saved as well and no risk of washing the grout out will recommend to all my friends

By Chris Mogford

Fantastic product, I have smooth indian sandstone patio which I have used other products on historically but using PatioClean Xtreme has made the patio look like new again, well pleased, would recommend this product to anyone

By Ray Storey

I was getting my sandstone patio repointed and the builder suggested that before he came to do the job I should clean the black spot off. He suggested I use a black spot remover that would have cost £220 (itís a decent sized patio). Instead I got 3x5 litre bottles of this stuff for £70. Results were incredible with minimal effort, diluted it 1:1, sprayed it on, gave it a work in with a stiff broom and then rinsed it off 5 hours later. The builder arrived to do the pointing and asked me what I had used as it looked so good! Word of warning - wear old clothes as it bleaches anything it touches.

By Alan M From Chelmsford

This stuff is amazing!...I've tried other cheaper products and lots of it but it just doesn't cut the mustard!...Smart seal patio clean extreme is fantastic and it's just been on there for over an hour and I can see my beautiful Marshall patio slabs again. Don't waste your time on other products as this is the best ever!... Thank you smart seal

By Jiten Bulsara From London

Expensive but does exactly as described. Removes ingrained dirt and black spots on paving blocks.

By Andrew Blay

Purchased this solution to remove lichen from my garden slabs. It is fabulous slabs look like new and with little effort. Will certainly use it again.

By Maureen Martin

Simple and effective. Removes rime with minimum of effort or mess. simply pour on and wash off.

By James McMahon

Hi. Thanks for prompt delivery of my order. This product is one of the best I've purchased. As they say " It does what it says on the tin" and by god it moved all the black marks on the patio that have been there foe years. So much so that my neighbour had me do her drive. Great product will use again when required. Regards Mike

By Michael Skerratt From Walton

After years of trying to remove black spot from my Indian stone patio have finally found a product that actually works. Quite expensive but well worth the extra money.

By Thomas Fielder

Your product is first class. Will use again when required

By Michael NB Skerratt

Excellent transaction, would deal with again

By Les Oakley

Absolutely fabulous product. Very effective and effortless to clean a really dirty patio. Eats through the dirt. End result was my patio looking the best it has been since it was first layed. Canít stop admiring it!��

By Sue Manvell From Horsham

This product does exactly what it claims. Removes blackspot and brings patios up like new. Am thrilled with results.

By Anne Pagett From West mids

Used this on sandstone before cleaning with a power wash & sealing. Still left with lichen stains, but the paving slabs do look better. Not sure how much of the improvement is down to the cleaner or the power wash - maybe a combination of the two.

By Madeleine Baines

This is the only product I've tried, to date, that actually works. You can see the dreaded black spots disappearing within minutes of applying.

By Dave Clifford

Worked well

By Joseph Trimble

Tried loads of different stuff from DIY stores and they didn't "do what they said on the tin". I had terrible blackspot ruining my 5 year old £7000 patio. Put this stuff on and it worked a treat, couldn't believe how well it worked. I bought the 25 litre drum and did it on a day with intermittent showers, saved a lot of effort keeping it damp.

By Steven Boyd From Wickford

Fabulous product easy to use and revived my two older patios to original stance .just purchased the 3 for 2 deal to put in shed for future cleans . No more ugly patios Happy Days

By Dee Luton From Kent

Really cleaned my patio stonework looked like new. Unfortunately it didn't get rid of the worst of the black spot even after repeated applications. Overall I was very pleased with the cleanness but disappointed that it didn't cure the back spot.

By John Milnes From Knaresborough

This is a brilliant product. Removed the ingrained black spot that yearly powerwashing could not shift. Patio is back to cotswold stone colour. Do invest in protective glasses thick gloves and madk. This is a powerful product and must be used with care. The sprayer i used to apply also needs thorough rinsing out. Delighted with result and thankyou to nick who rang me back on a sunday to answer my queries.

By Anne Pagett From West midlands

OMG, this is amazing, I seriously cannot believe I've spent many hours over the years pressure washing. I could see it working in front of my eyes. I pressure washed it off to reveal a patio that looks as good as it did when it was new. I have a few black spots after first application, but considering it's the first proper clean in 6 years I'm confident they will clean off with a second application. I will definately buy this product again. Excellent customer service too.

By Tracy Milner

This has cleaned my patio brilliantly. Admittedly I had to apply a second treatment for the worst-affected black spot areas but overall I am delighted with the result. The 3 for 2 offer makes it very good value. I had previously bought a competitor's product, which worked equally effectively but cost twice as much, so I know where I'll be buying my supplies for next year's cleaning!

By Peter Brigg

Patio looks as good as new excellent product

By John Turner

Excellent product - my patio paving looks as good as it did when first laid. Highly recommended.

By Peter Croft From Fleetwood

Excellent product - my patio paving looks as good as it did when first laid. Highly recommended.

By Peter Croft From Fleetwood

FAB product!! Does what it says in the tin!! Patio not been cleaned for many a year, mould and blacks spots etc all now gone!!

By Les Clark

I must say I brought this patio cleaner with a little bit of scepticism, how good would it really be (very often you end up a little disappointed ) However on this occasion I found the product did exactly what it promised What a great result I got I didn't exactly stick to the mixing instructions, as my patio was in a very poor state but it was real easy to use Pretty much apply a quick sweep in and bingo job done Really happy with the results not cheap but well worth the money This is "Get what you pay for"

By Rich 1 From Kettering

The best cleaning product I have tried so far for removing lichen black spots from Indian sandstone. First application removed most of them. Needed to scrub some patches with neat solution to remove them. I will try it on a small circular patio which is heavily stained as it is under trees and I have neglected it for years. Will certainly use it in the future.

By Michael Symes

Easy to use and shifted the dirt very well on reasonably ingrained natural stone slabs. Was careful to wash any drift from surrounding plants afterwards. Highly recommended.

By Steven Ott

Great stuff really returned my Indian sandstone patio to its original colour - mint, which I had completely forgotten as it has been an ugly grey/black for years. Was good I bought the 3 for 2 offer as my patio needed more than 1 tub to really clean it but well worth the money.

By Linda Horton

Our patios are overlooked by oak trees and over the year the sap from these trees turn the Indian sandstone black with green algae sitting on top. Using the Karcher just removes the green algae. We searched on line and reviewed all brands of patio cleaner, the only brand that claimed to remove "black spot" algae was Patio Clean Xtreme! we applied it as per the directions and almost as we watched the Black spots disappeared. The really stubborn spots required a second application. We give this product 5 Stars plus. Expensive but worth it.....

By William Simons From Southampton

What a fabulous product. Our Patio looks like new! Over the moon with the results. We have a very pale contemporary patio and it looked dreadful before. No need for jet washing and while its working its magic, I can potter around the garden doing other jobs.

By Mel Brixton From Hampshire

Superb product really cleaned my patio and path brilliantly, best product I have come across, beats power washing my patio, looks like new first class product.

By John Bickerton

Brilliant product. Very pleased with the results.

By Melanie Brixton

This is a great product and leaves your patio absolutely gleaming and even cleaner than the day your patio was first laid! Best patio cleaning product we have ever used, with not a lot of effort required to achieve great results!

By Michael Loveridge

Excellent job in sealing my patio. Jet washed it first and then applied the sealer.

By David Barrett

have used this product on my India stone patio with fantastic results. The patio was wet due to rain so I applied the cleaner neat with a watering can, couldn't resist leaving it for the recommended hour so after 40 minutes jet washed the stone. Wow the patio looks like its just been put down. didn't need to scrub with a yard brush the crap came right off no more black spots. 2 warnings, don't splash your clothes had to toss my jeans away after and it smells very strongly of chlorine. Would I use it again? absolutely, would I recommend it? without hesitation.

By M Watson From derby


By Gary Digby

This is the best ever patio cleaner I have used. Started with one to try and have since bought another three For myself and family . Great

By Harry Seth From Middlesex

This is a great product. My husband used it to clean one of our patios and it has come up like new.

By Joan Danvers
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**NORMAL PRICE FOR 3 x 5 LITRE = £95.85**


Powerful and Effective Patio Cleaner

Remove black spot from block paving, concrete or natural stone on patios. *Not recommended for use on Tarmac*

PatioClean Xtreme is a fast acting, high performance patio cleaning product, with four powerful active ingredients. PatioClean Xtreme offers the simple way to keep any patio clean often avoiding the need for pressure washing. Simply dilute 1:1 and apply to a wet surface by watering can or sprayer. It is important that the patio remains wet for 1 hour. Then wash away with water from hose or pressure washer. For areas of heavy soiling, scrub into surface or re-apply.

PatioClean Xtreme is a powerful cleaning product, which combines with a biocide to slow down future contamination.

For Removal of

  • Black Spot
  • Algae and Lichens
  • Moss
  • Surface Grime

5 litres of product will clean and treat approximately 40 m≤ of flagstone, natural stone, or block paved patios. Wear appropriate safety wear at all times. see technical page for more information.




Sweep away loose debris and areas with heavy build up of moss. Firstly wet the surface of the patio with water. Dilute PatioClean Xtreme at a ratio of 1:1. Then apply liberally using a watering can or sprayer, leave on the surface for approx 60 minutes or longer before cleaning off.

It is important the patio remains wet throughout during 60 minute period, as the product becomes inactive once dry. Most ingrained organic matter and grime will be removed after one application, but sometimes a second application may be required to remove all black and white spot algae.

Health & Safety

PatioClean Xtreme contains chlorine as an active ingredient and will stain fabrics and sensitive materials. Take care to avoid contact with fabrics during application. Toxic to aquatic life, wear protective gloves and goggles at all times. Patio Xtreme can cause skin burns, avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children