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Because of the porous nature of patio slabs laid in the UK, they will always hold a degree of moisture. Over a relatively short period of time, this moisture will encourage the growth of algae and lichen on the surface of the paving slabs, with moss forming in the joints.

PURPOSE: Smartseal patio sealer is a clear, UV light stable solution that will penetrate and waterproof the surface of patio slabs, natural stone, crazy paving, flagstones and sandstone.

Smartseal patio sealer will also waterproof and protect the pointing, thus offering far greater protection from surface growth and general deterioration. The additional benefits of applying Smartseal patio sealer include protection from loss of colour and keeping future maintenance to a minimum.sealer

Special Properties -

  • Protects pointing
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Protects against UV light
  • Weather resistant
  • Inhibits the growth of algae and lichen 
  • Enhances natural colour of the patio slabs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be re-applied


APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Clean the patio thoroughly and ensure the surface is dry, with no potential rain for at least 4 hours.

Smartseal Patio sealer is easily applied using a sprayer unit, brush or roller. Average coverage of the patio sealer (dependent on the porosity of the surface) would be at a ratio of 4-6 m2 per litre. A two or three thin coat application is advised. be careful to avoid pooling on the surface.

The patio sealer will be generally dry within 2 hours at 20°C, and it is best to leave this period between applications or before walking on it. These times may be increased or reduced depending on the prevailing temperature.

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