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Driveway Cleaner for Concrete, Natural Stone & Block Paving.

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Customer Reviews

Easy to use and removes stubborn stains.

By Phillip Russell From Castle Bromwich

Easy to use and extremely good deep clean.

By Phillip Russell

Didnít think Iíd need it but what a difference it made before applying further products. Excellent

By Colin Lloyd

Quality product and does an excellent job

By Peter Fox

Power washed the drive first and then used the cleaner so didn't see a lot of difference but the sealant went down well so it hopefully did something but difficult to judge. Delivery was fast and efficient though so recommended for that

By Peter Jones From Kingswinford

impressed with this product I thought my drive was clean after I pressure cleaned it but once this cleaner was sprayed on it lifted the dirt that I didn't know was there. good product


Did the job drive was nice and clean great product

By Debra From Cardiff

Superb product, a must for pre-cleaning surfaces mentioned above. A quick simple process that gets amazing results even before the pressure wash. Used on every job.

By james glover From Southend Surface Care

Used it to clean my pattern imprinted concrete drive before applying sealant. Very good product.

By Ian From Manchester

Before cleaning my block paving drive which I do every 2/3 years with just a pressure wash, I used this product before using the pressure wash and I can honestly say it speeded up the cleaning process. Would definitely recommend.

By Jeff Gale From Herts.

Makes cleaning hard surfaces a lot easier. Water pressure alone is good but add a little Driveway Cleaner to your system or pre-treat the surface prior to washing and the results are amazing. Do the job once and do it right - try using Driveway Cleaner and you'll never use anything else.

By David Leopold From Ultimate Cleaning Solutions

Use this for the first time followed the instructions as directed by Smart Seal. Was amazed by what happened after brushing in on told loads of muck and crap of the drive. Would also use in future

By Keith Wenham From Premier Drive Clean South East
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Remove Dirt and Stains from Driveways 

Effective driveway cleaner and block paving cleaner for best results when pressure washing driveways.

Dilute at a ratio of approx 1 to 4 or 5 to create 20-25 litres of cleaning fluid (which will cover approx 125 m2 of paving)

Dampen surface, then apply product by either sprayer or watering can. For best results, once applied, work into surface with a stiff broom and leave for 20 minutes, then clean surface normally with pressure washer. 


  • Fast acting biological degreaser
  • Biologically accelerates the degradation of oil and general stains
  • Converts oil into harmless CO2 and water
  • Contains Euro Type 1 bacteria − non-pathogenic and harmless to humans
  • Not flammable, combustible or corrosive
  • Will not contribute to surface erosion
  • Fully biodegradable: > 90% in 28 days
  • For Oil Removal use at 4% dilution
  • Not classified as hazardous at recommended dilutions

A driveway cleaner that will quickly remove dirt and grime from block paving and concrete.