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Compound to Repair Cracks in Concrete and Tarmac

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Easy to apply with the broom and leaves a great finish

By Alan Jones

Good stuff to work with for minor repairs,can dry a bit darker though so test a patch first

By Paul Rayworth

Before the drive was colour sealed you could see the repair fairly easily, but once colour sealed it blends in really well. More than worth the effort involved. Superb product.

By Paul Mcdonnell

The service was first class, but due to the weather I havent used it yet, but I have many times in the past its very good.

By Selwyn Mc Namee

Repaired a crack on my printed concrete driveway with this repair compound, looked great, so very pleased.

By Debra From Cardiff

If it's warm weather and you mix it with some sealer it sets very quick . Mixed with water gives you more working time. But sets like rock! I found it very good.

By Peter From Stockport

A bit difficult to get used to, but once I got the texture right, an excellent repair job!

By Edward From Belfast

Used this product as instructed. Our imprinted driveway had a nasty crack, unsightly finish to the edges of 2 steps and several hairline cracks. I was really impressed with how this product repaired these areas making the finish look as good as new!

By Martin From Southampton

Used to seal cracks in imprinted concrete driveway with good results.

By Keith From Sidcup

All round excellent outcome

By Joseph From Suffolk

Somewhat coarse in nature - I had to sieve out the larger grittier elements. It sets very hard and seems good. I also had to try to tone in to the existing concrete's colour. A smaller and finer grade pack might be a good idea.

By SB Freeman From Swanwick, Derbyshie

I found it very difficult to get a smooth finish to match my imprinted drive,the compound is extremely gritty. Achieved an acceptable finish by applying thin solution of compound and sealant in layers.

By Ian Mc. From Redcar

Very pleased with my purchase of smartseal tarmac repair compound..Worked very well covering the cracks in my drive.Have now painted it with tarmac paint and lt looks like new.

By Julia Whitehead From Warwick

Mixed up with a little water to make a paste. Rubbed into small cracks with fingers. Found it to be a little on coarse side. Main suggestion would be to supply in much smaller containers eg 500 gram or 1 kg rather than 3 kgs.

By Steve Dodsworth From Yorkshire

very easy to use and a perfect match

By dave evans From tipton

used this product to repair imprinted concrete drive ,perfect match and easy to use

By dave evans From tipton

My husband has applied the repair compound and so far is pleased with the results. Seems to be an inexpensive way to repair a concrete driveway with some deep cracks.

By Eva Lennox From Northern Ireland

Delivered within a day. I used the product to repair minor damage before applying silk sealant and my drive now looks as good as new.

By Roy Morter From Derbyshire

Great stuff, mixes well with the sealer or dry in the finer cracks and then apply the sealer, excellent finish,only problem is selecting the right colour with so many choices

By Leo McKeown From Deeside

I had a couple of bad cracks which it filled no problems. I mixed it up with sealer. For small cracks I used a lot of sealer and paint brush, as the compound is on the coarse side.

By Rod R From Berkshire

Brilliant - both the product and the customer service. Your staff could not have been more helpful and the compound was both easy to mix and apply. It looks great and will hopefully prove the perfect long-term answer to cracks in the tarmac of our drive. Many thanks

By John Kennedy From Cwmbran

The product would not brush into the fine cracks and did not produce a smooth finish on the wider ones. Seems relatively expensive

By David From Wirral

Used the shade lighter than the sealer I was going to use, and was a really good match. Covered the chips well and quick drying. Couldn't see them after two coats of sealant.

By martin p From stalybridge

What can I say? It works just as it says on your web page!. Excellent.

By Bill Wilkinson From Somerset

When I received your e-mail asking me to review your product I had not at that time opened the package it was delivered in so I thought I would open it up and try a repair before responding. Alas ! when I opened the package it contained Brick Red not Avon Stone which I ordered and which is referred to in your e-mail. I spoke to Nick ? at your customer services and he advised me that I must have made a mistake in ordering and that if I sent it back he would exchange it. I have no way of getting it transported to you and I have no use for Brick Red Repair material which I paid 50 plus for. I think that you should consider forwarding the correct material to me and your carrier can uplift the incorrect package,


Easy to apply - cracks virtually invisible.


Ideal for filling fine cracks that had appeared in the drive. After filling & sealing the cracks are hardly noticeable

By Eric Curtis From Preston

not great for the price to gritty for fine cracks i found neat cement dust mixed into a finer paste was better

By martin perrier From kent

Almost impossible to get a precise colour match, especially on a multi-tone surface. It helps to remember that the colour darkens considerably once covered in sealant. I rub this dry into thin cracks with my finger, or work it in with a small wet stiff brush... allow to dry and then rub excess off with my finger, vacuum up and wipe down with a damp cloth. The wet technique also helps to show the colour once sealed.

By Thomas Monk From Essex

Great product, really easy to use - just brush in then seal or wait for a bit of rain. Cracks virtually disappear. Would definitely recommend. Excellent service from smart seal.

By John Blair From Mauchline



Repaired the crack just fine use sealer to mix it up it dries faster

By D Meehan From West Lothian

Great product, did as instructed, brushed into some hairline cracks, used a fine hand spray with water, once dry sealed the whole lot, the cracks are virtually invisible now.

By Graham Ronson From Chesterfield

Happy to reccomend this product. It is a simple and effective way to repair cracks and small holes.

By Barry Hussey From Romsey Jet Cleaning

This crack compound worked very well in the cracks that had appeared on our drive. It done what it was meant to do. Thank you for such good service. I rate this product a 5 star rating.

By Kathleen Amos From Kent

I used this product mixed into a paste with some of the sealant, as advised by SmartSeal, to fill lots of shallow holes where the concrete had spalled. It worked well and looks good. Hopefully it will survive the next winter frosts!

By Roger L From North Yorkshire

The right colour for the job and very good for cracks but not very good for larger patches as the paste is very gritty and does not leave the job with a smooth enough finish.

By Geoff Lawton From Newcastle Staffs

Now here's an easy to use compound if ever there was one. Customer service helped me to get the right colour. It was then just a case of brushing the stuff in and then adding the sealant which acts as a hardener. Couldn't be better. Many thanks.

By Julian From Sheffield
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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Step-by-Step Video Guide

Repair cracks and holes in concrete and tarmac

A fast drying super strong dry concrete mix (supplied in 3kg) that can be mixed with water or sealer to form a crack repair paste.

For fine cracks the compound can be swept directly into the crack and water or sealer then added to seal the joint.

Available in red or black for tarmac repairs plus all the colours featured on the colour chart below. An un-pigmented version is available for pattern imprinted concrete repairs.

For further information regarding this product please call 01268 722500

Colour Chart