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PATIO REVIVE (5L) Biodegradable Cleaner, Removes Moss & Algae

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Used this to treat my sandstone patio which was already staring to turn green due to lack of sunlight. Apply using the higher concentration with a watering can and within 48 hrs every trace of algae had been removed. Would recommend as easy to apply and just left and didnt rinse off.

By Shaun Law From Kent

Patio cleaner does exactly what it says it does and easy to apply. Well worth the money.

By Steve Bisingdon

Very easy to use, good result .Will have to see in the new year(2019) if it keeps the moss etc at bay .

By Adrian Williams

Smart seal made my life easier with this patio cleaner works really good just fallow the instructions

By Qadeer Anjum
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Remove Moss and Algae from Patios

Fast effective patio cleaner to prevent moss and algae growth. The patio cleaner can be applied all year round and will help prevent the growth of moss, algae and lichen on patios.

Smartseal 'Patio Revive' is the easy way to keep your patio looking good, without the use of harmful chemicals. Just apply via watering can or sprayer and let nature do the rest. Best applied in the spring and autumn, ideally on a surface already protected by sealer.

Application of 'Patio Revive' will prevent or remove algae, moss and green growth. In areas which receive no sunlight it can be applied more reguarly without risk of damage to stones or pointing.


For best results dilute at a ratio of one part Patio Revive to five parts water.

Coverage of approx 100 mē to 125 mē can be expected from 5 litres of Patio Revive. Application by sprayer or watering can is recommended.

Patio Revive, once dry, is a safe and non-hazardous product. Patio Revive is made from biodegradable ingredients and does not include any bleach or acid contents.