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Polyurethane Block Paving Sealer - Ultra Durable (5 or 23 litres)

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I was advised by an experienced block paver who lays commercial block for shopping areas to seal my blocks with poly urethane based sealer. After researching the net I decided to purchase from smart seal as the price was reasonable compared to companies out there like resibloc. My block tumblers have been down now for over a year and showing signs of moss between the joints. After spending a weekend jet washing the joints out and brushing fresh sand in I then spent a dry day sealing it with smart seal. Using a small mini roller for my edging stones and a 12" roller on the blocks I applied the smart seal and was impressed with its ease to apply. Although 2 coats is recommended I only applied one as I ensured the coat was ample and the glaze was my desire. Anyway it was a fantastic finish, exactly as expected it also enriches the colour of the blocks and looks strong enough to last. The sand joints are tough which should stop moss and weeds. I will be buying again and highly recommend it. I've already had passing strangers stopping asking what it is because they liked the finish too.

By Darren Dunn From

wonder full product will be buying more in two yrs time

By james ward From callington cornwall

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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Polyurethane Block Paving Sealer for Residential and Commercial applications

A very durable oil resistant block paving sealer for heavily trafficked areas

Smartseal Polyurethane based block paving sealer is a low viscosity prepolymer solvent based sealer primarily designed for commercial sealing of block paving. Application will solidify the jointing sand and create a long lasting, effective seal on the surface of concrete block paving. NOT TO BE USED ON CLAY PAVERS

See Commercial Case Studies of where our formulation of polyurethane sealer has been used.

  • Manufactured to BS5750 standards in the UK
  • Colour Enhanced Finish
  • Highly Stain Resistant
  • Chemical and Oil Resistant
  • Solidifies Jointing Sand
  • UV Resistant:-Protects Blocks against Colour loss
  • Will not peel off
  • Not damaged by pressure washing
  • Resistant to tyre marking
  • Greatly reduces weed, moss and algae growth
  • Reduces ant infestations
  • Easy application

Apply two coat of sealer - For optimum results apply the Polyurethane block paving sealer at a ratio of approx 2sq metres per litre 1st coat and 3.5sq metres per litre 2nd coat. Apply second coat within four hours to ensure sealer 'keys' together correctly.


Urethane based block paving sealer is only to  be used on precast concrete block pavers and cannot be used on any other form of paver, brick, patio slab,  natural stone or block pavers finished with a top course of natural aggregate. NOT TO BE USED ON CLAY PAVERS

  • Only apply sealer when the block paving is clean with jointing sand and paver totally dry with no rain forecast for at least 8 hours.
  • Temperatures need to be above 10 degrees centigrade and below 25 degrees.
  • Only apply if no efflorescence (surface salts) is visible
  • Make sure pavers are thoroughly swept and that no jointing sand remains on the surface or high in the chamfers of the blocks. This could lead to unsightly sand becoming sealed onto the surface of the blocks
  • Apply to borders with a paint brush or small roller.
  • Application to main areas by roller or squeegee at ratios of 2sq metres per litre 1st coat and 3.5 sq metres per litre 2nd coat
    Leave between 2-3 hours and no more than 4 hours between coats
  • Avoid vehicular traffic for 24 hours and try to avoid walking on for around 3 hours after second coat
  • Always wear a protective mask, goggles and gloves all all times

For further technical or application information please call Smartseal on 01268 722500