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Block Paving Sealer - MATT ( Sample, 5 & 25 litre) - High Quality, Durable Sealer, Sand Hardener & Weed Inhibitor

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Sample Available Block Paving Sealer - MATT ( Sample, 5 & 25 litre) - High Quality, Durable Sealer, Sand Hardener & Weed Inhibitor
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A great product easy to apply with a pressure sprayer. Gives a good finish and enhances the smart seal block paving magic sealer.

By John Tait

Only did a test block for now, looking good so far, one week. Last test I did on a competitors sealer, went yellow in the sun. Think I wi?l be staying with Smartseal.


Really fast delivery, ordered Saturday and arrived Tuesday afternoon which was great. I have used the block paving sealer and it gives a nice finish, looks much better. When it rained slightly the next day, I knew it had worked as the water just stood on top of the pavers. Would definitely recommend.

By Rebecca Wheal From Hull

Nothing like the described coverage. Watched the video and purchased the roller in order to get the best outcome. The area it did cover looks good.

By Nicholas Cope

The sealer is easy to apply, block paving looks good , preparation is the key to a good finish looks good just needs a while to settle and change the colour to blend in.

By Colin Brooks From Cheshire

My husband and a neighbour did two coats of matt block paving sealer and the drive looks great, the colour of the blocks has also been enhanced with a slight sheen. Definitely make sure your preparation of the drive before applying the sealant is as good as you can make it. We used a roller but I know this can also be sprayed on.

By Michele Ryder From Warrington

Easy to apply block paving sealer and we are delighted with the results. The trick is meticulous preparation but if you follow their excellent YouTube video, you will not be disappointed. Not the cheapest, but the best rarely is.

By James French From Droitwich

Very good block paving sealer, delivered on time and very easy to use I will be ordering more

By Simon Harris From Essex

Two coats of Smartseal sealer has transformed my block paving to looking new again. I took my time with the preparation by cleaning the moss away, jet washing, sweeping kiln dried sand into the joints, then using a roller to paint the Smartseal into the paving. Looks great.

By Phil Clarke From Macclesfield

Excellent sealer, easy to apply with a roller on block paving. Followed instructions and applied two coats. Very impressed with the result, the passage of time will prove if the product is working. Recommended to me by many other builders as the best product to use on the market.

By Alison Boulton From FAREHAM

Fantastic product. Used SmartSeal sealers for years and will never use any other. All of our customers are always over the moon with the finish that this provides as well as the lasting effects of the weed inhibiting that it offers. 5 start all round!

By Ben Borman

I used this product to seal around 40 meters of block paving path and patio. Two coats of the sealant was applied and I am very pleased with the result. Clearly the passage of time will demonstrate its effectiveness

By Gordon Reid

I watched the excellent video and researched other brands before opting for Smartseal, which was the most expensive option. I'm pleased I did; two coats of matt sealer and the drive looks great, with a slight sheen as mentioned by a previous reviewer. There is no vegetation between the blocks on our drive and the ants have nowhere to go either. My tip to others is to make sure your preparation of the drive before applying the sealant is as good as you can make it.

By Phil Chapman

Finish of the sealer looks good. Will have to wait to see longevity of the product. One drum came crumpled though, like it had been hit by a fork truck, made it very difficult to pour out

By Robert Aston

Having researched a lot of different sealing products all claiming to do a similar job I decided on Smartseal and was so pleased I did. The application was exactly as shown on the video and the block paving sealer was applied with a roller and because the weather was Good I managed two coats . Brilliant finish and a first class job.

By Brett Larmer From Liphook

Delay in reviewing this due to our amazing summer! I ordered a tester of this product last year and put it on a 1m squared bit of the drive. That bit has not dropped one grain of sand in 9 months! Even with the biblical rain we have been having and my main drive being on a substantial slope. So- Prepared the drive today and applied this product All over the drive. I tried the roller technique on the first part and found it to be awful! Picked up sand from between the bricks on the first pass. So binned that idea and ran the product through a spray I had bought (the garden type that cost about 8 quid from B&Q). This worked perfectly and actually applied the product much more evenly whilst allowing a good left to right sweeping method. The result, the drive looks brand new, the sand between the block paving is already solid and overall the drive looks fantastic. The neighbour across the road has already been over to comment how nice it looks! I have two drives, I will be ordering this product again for the other less steep one. Really really happy.

By Andrew Brown

After thoroughly cleaning my 30 year old paved block driveway I applied two coats of Matt Block Paving Sealer which when completed restored the appearance of the drive far beyond my expectations. By following the methods of applying the sealer, as shown on the video guide, the job became easy and was accomplished in just a few hours.

By John Abbott

Would recommend the Matt sealer to anyone, very happy with this.

By Elizabeth Cross

Very pleased with the Matt sealer, there is a slight sheen on it though but I am happy with the Result.


Good easy to apply product leaving an excellent finish.

By John Brian Edwsrds

We were very apprehensive when deciding to seal our block paving and what product to use. The Smartseal product is so easy to use and our large drive and patio area seems to have come alive with the colours in the block being enhanced. Yes, the smell is quite strong but soon goes. With all the rain recently we would have by now weeds sprouting up, but the seal has kept them at bay and blocks look as good as when we did the seal. We would certainly recommend.

By David Bell

I have a longish block-paved sloping drive which was laid around 20 years ago and has been a source of problems since I bought the property 10 years ago. Annual pressure cleaning was a chore of epic proportions demanding re-sanding after every cleansing. Hopefully now a thing of the past! All the blocks are clean whilst retaining their 'patina', after the application of 2 coats of Smartseal all the new sanding is firm and neat. The downpours of mid-June are testimony to its resilience and the sand has all remianed in place and the water runs off with ease! OK It has taken nearly five days to complete the job, but, hopefully, well worth the effort. It looks great! Recommendations? Ensure you have adequate sealant to complete the job - I needed two 25ltr drums - Use a large roller and apply liberally as per the U-Tube advice...you will not be disappointed.

By Iain Cameron From Great Haywood (Staffordshire)

Once again perfect for the job

By Dominic Judge-Booth

Have just completed sealing my recently laid block paved driveway and I'm delighted with the finish. Rained a couple of days later and any residual water on the surface sat like water on a freshly waxed car bonnet! The matt finish sealer really enhanced the finish but without looking glossy. Easy to apply (I used a roller) and 2 coats on 36sqm took no more than 4 hours with the 2 hour break between coats as directed. Instructional video on the website was very helpful, as was Dawn at Smartseal who advised me on product selection; there you go Dawn, plug as promised ;)

By Ian S From Cambridge

Easy to apply and looks great when done. Solvent smell is taking a while to dissipate but I am happy. Lets see how it looks in a years time

By martin oakes

This is a good product. I applied two coats and it has good waterproofing qualities as the rain just forms in pools on the drive

By William Erskine

Asked for a quote last week to get our paving bricks cleaned and sealed. Your referred operator , Jordan of Exterior Care & Coat, was in contact within a day and the job has been completed already. Jordan is a great endorsement of your brand, working hard and with care with customer satisfaction high on the agenda. I wish all contractors had the same attitude and work ethic. Great job and well pleased with the results!!

By Chris Armitage From Bristol

I used it on my block paving on the driveway. Covered about 50sqm in total. It is straightforward to apply & use. Used a watering can to apply. The two coats took me up to 2 hours in total being careful. The somewhat toxic smell seemed to follow me round the house even after taking off protective clothing. Can still get a whiff of it about 10 days later. Impressed with the speedy delivery.

By Mike Webster From Worthing

It looks good when applied. How good it is will depend on how long it stays looking good.

By Henry Grala

Prompt delivery, good product. This is the 2nd tin we have bought to complete a new driveway. The product is easy to use and sealed both paviours and sand joints. Really brought out the colours.

By Lynne Barrett

Excellent product to use. Simple to put on providing you race all rubbish out of joints and resand. Finished with two coats and it gives a great finish, rain dries off sets now much quicker

By Paul Richardson

Used this on my block paving at the weekend, approx 80 sqm in total. The product is very easy to use, I rolled it on with the roller and two coats took me about 2 hours in total. The product is like a watery glue which sets in about 30 mins. One note of caution is the smell, it's very toxic and can cause sore throats and irritated noses - I had some windows and doors open due to the hot weather and my house stunk the next day. MAKE SURE DOORS AND WINDOWS ARE CLOSED AT ALL TIMES TO KEEP THE SMELL OUT

By Andy Hutton From Essex

Apart from the very strong smell, seems very easy to use as per the video, with a roller. Have ordered some of the 'eco friendly' vesion for another section of blocks, will see how they compare after the winter.

By Suzan Maric

Just finished sealing my block pave patio, used the acrylic solvent based matt. As noted in a previous review, the sealer does darken the block but the colours in my autumn shade are still there and very pronounced, I personally like it. The sealed color is very similar to when the blocks are wet, possibly a bit darker, so if you check this out first and don't like what you see don't seal. The product is very easy to use, I used a roller, it took about 1 hour to cover 40 sq. metres.

By Anthony Lawton

Really easy to use and it does what it says brings your drive back to life

By Paul Hill

Fantastic product . The ideal finish to a newly cleaned block paving patio.

By Daniel Britton

Silk finish with charcoal tint for pressed concrete drive. Used this before although far too long ago so my drive was a state. A really good clean and two coats of sealer and it looks brand new. Dries in no time and is so simple to apply. If I can do this anyone can so don’t even think about paying someone to do it for you.

By norman davis From South Shields

Very good product,pavoirs look brilliant and colourful. Rain just runs off,loving it

By Peter Middleton

Easy to use looks grrat

By Paul Friend

I was hoping for a fairly neutral finish on coloured block paving. However the sealant has radically changed the colours which I am very unhappy with. This product will darken and change the appearance of coloured blocks so think very carefully about this before choosing.

By Riccardo De Paulis

just finished sealing my block paving drive in Matt. We have autumn effect colours which previously ranged from light to darker colours, yellows and reds mainly. I was hoping for a clear finish to enhance the colours without changing them drastically. I had bought a sample and tested on surplus block and seemed to do just that. Having now completed the driveway I now have a fairly uniform finish which has distorted the previously attractive colours. Everything is now very dark. I can only hope that this will fade. On a single dark colour block this product is probably ok but if you do not want too much variation from the original colour - AVOID!

By Riccardo De Paulis

Coverage was as stated, 2.5 m2 per litre. Easy to apply. Did need to take time to soak sand between pavers. A much stronger product that diy store cheaper products. I found it easy to apply by roller, covering 45 m2 in about 2 hours. Second coat was quicker to apply taking about 1 hr 15mins. Final result using the Matt finish is really good. Pavers look like new. Ps don't scrimp on any of the preparation - this is vital for a final profession finish.

By Margaret Moyden

This is the 3rd or 4th time we have used this product so we must be pleased with the result!

By Yvonne Gilgrass From Northwich

Applied the Matt Block Paving sealer yesterday by roller and it now looks brand new. It was easy to apply with a heavy duty twin arm roller; I would advise a deep pile roller. Will wait and see how it stands up to a Scottish winter!!

By Christopher D'Sylva From Paisley, Scotland

New light grey Brett drive was marking easily so for longevity decided to seal it. We used matt block pave sealer. It is clear and easy to apply with a roller but does give off a high volume of fumes initially so it is imperative to wear the correct type of mask. After 24hrs the smell was negligible. The effect is great. It gives a very slight sheen at certain angles/lights. It covers well and absorbs rapidly. I would say it goes further than suggested on flat type blocks but does get used faster on the edgings/textured blocks. Very pleased with the result.

By Keith L From Hampshire

Very good product you can see a vast difference in quality from other products from the main DIY stores, my customer was very happy with the results, you do get what you pay for with this brand of sealant. Lee

By Lee Owen From Maidstone

The application of this product has made my block paving look like new. I hope it does what it says in the long term. One word of warning keep it off your grass. When it was being applied the spray hose broke and the sealant went onto several patches of grass killing it. Otherwise it seems to be a great product.

By Brian Johnson

Looks great. Gives a very slightly damp look which was just what I wanted rather than a glossy finish. Done 2 weeks ago now and Drive looks brand new and clean!

By Rouaa Jepson From Manchester

The drive was cleaned, sprayed twice with matt block paving sealant and now looks brand new.

By Brian Johnson

Easy transaction, speedy delivery and product does what it says on the tin!

By Alan Richards

Excellent customer service. Spoke to Mandy today. She took the time to understand my situation and recommended what's best for my driveway.

By Arijit Mitra

An excellent sealing product supplied by a caring, professional company. Would not hesitate to recommend or buy again if needed.

By David Sutters

Excellent product did what was asked of it and superb service thanks

By Robert B From South Wales

I have been cleaning driveways and sealing them for years and this is by far the best on the market. Good company to deal with,thankyou

By Ricky Jones

1st class everything, as soon as my order was received I was kept updated, when the order was received, when the order was in transit, when the order was expected to arrive........ Link on how to use etc etc. And my block paved driveway looks great, the customer is really, really happy

By David Latham From Rhiwbina, CARDIFF

Great service and product.

By Gerald Wells

Excellent service and a complete transformation of my paths and patio. Thank you.

By Dudley Wilcox From Somerset

I applied this sealant with a roller and seems to be very effective, for extra sealing I have given the drive a second coat. All the joints and cracks have been fully sealed.

By John O From Surrey

Does what it says on the can - literally! Nigel's advice prior to purchase was invaluable. Thank you Nigel - great customer service.

By Barry Faith From Wimborne

This is the second time I've used Smartseal. First time was for imprinted concrete sealer, now block paving. It's not the cheapest product but certainly does produce great results providing you do the hard graft preparation work. Especially happy with all the advice that Nigel provided. Preparation, application and advise on quantities were all spot on! Thanks very much Nigel

By Robert Liu From Homeowner in London

Excellent product, the block paving sealer gave a great finish, very easy to apply by roller. Only mistake I made was not ensuring there was no sand remaining on the blocks even though they had been swept .Remaining sand was then visible under the glaze.

By Martin Barrett

Very pleased with the results which brought out the rich colour in our new paving blocks. Preparation is the key to getting the best finish and be careful not to drag the sand out of the joints. Would recommend that if laying new blocks they are done as soon as possible after laying (if the weather permits!)

By Gary Allsop From Derbyshire

very impressed with the block paving sealer (matt) only been down a week ....

By MARK GARSIDE From stoke on trent

Having used many sealers/resins in the past this blockpaving sealer was a pleasure to use from smartseal resulting in a great finish, The customer was delighted with the results

By J Hague From Cheshire Cleansing, Macclesfield

This product does EXACTLY what it says on the tin! Easy to apply and leaves a waterproof coating on block paving. I used the matt finish and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Smartseal to anyone. My order arrived the following day. Great service!

By Barry Stokoe From Essex

Great product, easy to apply, the Matt finish has brought out the colour of the blocks looks like brand new - would recommend

By Steve lindsay From Southampton

Superb product and easy to use. The finished driveway looks fantastic. Very helpful advice too.

By Derek Clifford From Gloucestershire

My husband has previously used this product and we are very satisfide with the end results. Would recommend this sealant.

By Yvonne From Northwich

i have tried many companies that supply driveway sealers but I can't fault this one when I first used it I could see straight away that is was doing what I ask of in a sealant and I felt very confident that once it dries it will leave the area looking and staying new there are a lot of cheap sealers around although this one is not the cheap it's the best I have used and it's sold me to stay with this company and there products

By C.D.S cleaning driveway services From chris stubbs

This is the first time I have used anything like this and I am anxious to prevent the ingress of weeds and moss on my new drive. After watching the video on how to apply it I found that it was just as easy as suggested with the roller. Great service and looks good in matt.

By Paul Betts From Wootton Northampton

Delivered as ordered and comes in safe, sealed container. Applied two coats with a roller as per the instructions and very pleased with the result. Make sure you wear PPE as recommended. Appears to be an excellent product.

By Mike From Beverley

Very good quality matt sealer.One could not ask for a better sealer.It has taken a long time to finish garden project.Used sealer and Smart seal roller ,it has lifted the appearance of the block paving,will recommend this company and its products to anyone .thanks again.5star.

By Peter davidson From Hullbridge

Have used this product for years, brilliant stuff, keeps weeds out when re-sanded and sealed. Just the job no more tired looking drives or patios.

By John leake From Leakers paving

Just to say thankyou for the excellent product - so easy to use and it has sealed my new driveway a treat! Please leave me positive feedback as well. Are you going to stock any more 25 litre cans? My neighbour helped me lay the blocks and wants to know as he lays driveways for a living and can use your product for his new customers as we were both impressed with it. Cheers,

By Paul From Norfolk

this is a superb sealer just I was looking for. the drive looks fabulous. so glad I purchased this instead of water inferior sealer.

By Royston Blunden From stubbington Hampshire

Excellent product, we have been using these products for years and customers are always very happy with the results. We find the team at Smartseal are very helpful and professional, our ongoing relationship works well for approved contractors such as ourselves.

By John From Advanced Hygiene Cleaning and Maintenance

Excellent product. Used this with numerous customers. No call backs, no problems. Will continue with this sealer.

By Kieran From Goldenvale Services Ltd

After considerable research and visits to DIY stores I found Smartseal paving sealer which was being used on a drive across the road by Burton Border Control,a local garden service.I contacted Nick at Smartseal and received superb advice,no pressure and excellent service.Our patios and paths now look great and I am hoping will help control weeds.This was the only product I found which sets the sand like mortar.Next week Border Control are doing our drive and will,no doubt,do an equally good job.FIVE STARS.

By Alan Bradley From Burton on Trent

Been using Smartseal block paving sealer for the last three years. No call backs, no problems. Excelent product.

By Kieran From Goldenvale Services Ltd

very good i will use it again

By craig watson From stoke on trent

Good quality sealer. Excellent service, all staff very professional. Had good regular advice. If you use this sealer it means your smart. Im getting the hang of it now. lewis - cardiff.

By lewis From TopSeal

Many thanks once again for providing us with the Matt Sealer and Repair Fluid which arrived at the our postal address 2 days after it was ordered showing that Smartseal's service continues to be highly efficient giving us the peace of mind that schedules for providing our cleaning and sealing service can be attained.

By Robert Hudspith From CleanPave

Very good , as with all SmartSeal products you know you are getting a good finish with every job you do. And more importantly the customers are very impressed.

By Paul Middleton From WBCS

Have used this many times .Gives a great finish. Use matt most of the times on jobs. I would say best on the market place. Service from Smart Seal 1st class always willing to assit and give great back up.

By Keith Wenham From Premier Drive Clean South East

just to say 5 star for this product started using smart seal sealer last year!!! all our customers are very happy with the results.any problems we have had nick&nigel are just on the end off the phone. a big thanks to all at smart seal.

By r ovenstone From rg driveway cleaning fife

Consistent high quality finish, easy to apply and my customers are consistently pleased with the finish. Use this and you won't be dissapointed.

By Barry Hussey From Romsey Jet Cleaning

The product is fantastic although didnt appear to go as far as we thought especially as we have used two 25kg cans of sealer & have only coated the drive with one coat. Used the industrial sprayer recommended by Nigel at Smartseal. (Instructions alittle vague on how to fit sprayer together) however Nigel soon explained the instruction shortfall & sprayer works amazingly well. The product has definately made a huge difference to our drive. The neighbours are all commenting on the finish of the completed section of the drive. More seal has arrived today, sadly the weather is poor so unable to finish today :(((. Nigel from Smaretseal is a very talented technical guy who has been brill with us throughout the whole drive saga. Nothing to much trouble and calls back when jhe says he will. The product & the service get a huge 10/10.


Just started using Smartseal paving sealers when pressure cleaning drives and all our customers are delighted with the results. Smartseals website is imformative and helpfull and delivery time when ordering products is second to none.

By Anthony Shaw From Pressure clean in Leeds

Both myself and customer were very pleased with the results, after cleaning and repairs this is proving a must have finish for many of my customers. Lee @ UPC Ltd

By Lee From Under Pressure Cleansing Ltd, Surrey

The customer was very impressed cleaned, re sanded and sealed block paving on the front and back it looked like new.Works out cheaper than £3000 for a new drive. Will put pics on gallery section of www.rb-building.com. Paid for next day delivery and it arrived on time

By Richard From RB building and Landscaping Sheffield
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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Solvent Based Acrylic Block Paving Sealer in Matt Finish

Seal block paving with a 'natural' looking matt finish

SmartSeal Block Paving Sealer has been developed to combat the constant problems of staining and weed growth and to enhance the colour and aesthetic appeal of new or mature block paving or flagstones. This sealed surface will increase abrasion resistance and also protect the jointing sand from erosion and weed infestation and provide a barrier to contaminants thereby facilitating easy maintenance.


  • Brings old paving alive
  • Easy to apply with sprayer or roller
  • Protects against loss of colour through UV light
  • Resists oil and stain penetration
  • Inhibits weed and algae growth
  • BS5750/ISO9000 quality approved material
  • Make sure before applying that the surface temperature is between 12 - 25°C
  • For optimum results apply two coats
  • Suitable for most patio slabs & block paving

Recommended coverage
First coat: 2.0sq metres per litre
Second coat: 3.5sq metres per litre



Smartseal Block Paving sealer can be applied using a sprayer unit or roller, at a rate of 2.5m2 per litre (pavers) 1st coat & 3.5 m2 per litre 2nd coat. A two-coat spray application is required to fully cover the jointing sand. The sealer will be tack free within 2 hours at 20°C and foot traffic may be permitted after 4 hours. Vehicles should be kept off the sealed area for a minimum of 24 hours at 20°C. These times may be increased or reduced depending on the ambient temperature. During the curing cycle, protect from rain. Do not apply when the ground temperature is above 25°C or below 12°C. All equipment should be cleaned with Smartseal tool cleaner after use.

Deicing salts should not be applied directly on Smartseal block paving or concrete sealers. Salt chemically reduces the temperature at which water freezes and will result in water ingress into the concrete. Subsequent freezing may result in the concrete ‘seal’ being broken by the expansion of water as it freezes and white ‘pitted’ areas may become visible.


*** If your Block Paving has been previously sealed - to ensure compatibility, please contact us here before ordering: https://www.smartseal.co.uk/help-advice/contact-us.htm


New block paving or cobble stone paving should be swept clean, ensuring there is sufficient well-compacted sand in the joints. Existing paving should be pressure washed to remove all surface debris. If the area is contaminated with weeds & moss then it should be treated with Smartseal Fungicidal Wash. Oil and other stains should be removed using Smartseal Cleaner / Oil Remover. The treated area should then be left to dry and the joints re-sanded & compacted to the lower edge of the paver chamfers with clean kiln-dried sand. Moisture in the paver & sand will inhibit penetration of the sealer and produce whiteness.

Technical & Test Data

Smartseal Block Paving sealer has been tested by the TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and certified that it meets the SRV (Skid Resistance Value) for all categories of paving for local authority pedestrian areas and when heavily trafficked is suitable for special applications where risks of skidding are high as laid down in the UK Highway Authorities Tender Specification. Copies are available on request.

Specification Clause

“Newly laid block or flagstone paving shall be treated with Smartseal block paving sealer to protect and stabilise jointing sand and enhance surface colour and increase abrasion resistance. All materials should comply with ISO9002 for Quality Assurance. All work should be carried out in conjunction with the manufacturer’s current technical data sheet and instructions for use”.

Health & Safety

Flammable liquid. Do not smoke. Keep application area well ventilated. Wear respirator when applying. Store in a cool place. Flash point 40°C (Abel-Closed Cup). Refer to the Health & Safety Data Sheet for further information.