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Block Paving Sealer

Acrylic, Polyurethane and Eco-Friendly Sealers for Block Paving

Block Paving Sealer for Driveways and Patios


Smartseal supplies sealers for block paving to help prevent weed growth and protect from oil stains. Choose from solvent based acrylic block paving sealers or polyurethane block paving sealers. The sealer for block paving are suitable most types of block paving and cobble pavers. All block paving sealer is manufactured to BS5750/ISO 9001 quality. Our sealing products are widely used by approx 350 professional contractors across the UK.

Application of our Solvent based Block Paving Sealer (supplied in tins) is by sprayer or roller, our Eco Friendly solvent free sealer for Block Paving should be applied by a combination of watering can and squeegee.


  • Acts as a weed inhibitor for block paving
  • Improves oil stain resistance to block paved surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Hard wearing
  • Long lasting

*** If your Block Paving has been previously sealed - to ensure compatibility, please contact us here before ordering:  https://www.smartseal.co.uk/help-advice/contact-us.htm

View our step-by-step Block Paving video guides here. For help and advice, call 01268 722500 or via our enquiry form. NEW Trade Enquiries Register Here *Block Paving Sealer is NOT recommended for use on clay pavers*

View our products for the cleaningapplication - sealing and after care of block paving below.

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Sealers to prevents weeds growing on block paving

Smartseal Acrylic solvent based sealer for block paving is available in three different types, so whatever surface finish you require on your block paved driveway or patio, we have the sealing product for you. Our block paving sealer- matt finish will initially leave the surface of the pavers with a mild sheen, but after a few months the sealant will weather to leave a virtually invisible seal on the surface. Block paving sealer- silk finish will leave the paving with a long term damp sheen which enhances the surface colour of the pavers, as well as protecting them. If you are looking for a more wet look finish our sealer for block paving in the gloss finish is the right product for you. Two coats of this sealant will leave a long term sheen on the surface. If you require a even glossier finish, if further coats are applied, the paved surface will become shinier and shinier.

Our new Eco Friendly block paving sealeris easy to work with, solvent free and more weather tolerant than solvent based block paving sealers. Application of this type of block paving sealer is bywatering can or sprayer combined with a squeegee. The use of a squeegee during application will force the sealer deep into the sand between the blocks creating long term joint stability. With the sanded joints solid the block paving is stronger and resistant to weed, moss and algae.

Smartseal are now stockists of commercial strength polyurethane block paving sealer and joint stabiliser. This product has been used extensively commercially for over 15 years and we have now made it available to contractors and DIY customers if they require a 'heavy duty' product. Polyurethane sealers for block paving sealers were developed so that large areas of commercial paving could be cleaned by industrial cleaning equipment without the sanded joints being disturbed. If the sand is removed and not replaced, the block paving can become unstable and start to move and sink.

We now supply three different types of block paving sealers all of which offer several and varying benefits. If you are looking for the maximum stain resistance and longevity, then our urethane sealer is the most appropriate product. But for ease of application, without the use of harmful chemicals and solvents, our eco friendly block paving sealer is a excellent alternative. All Smartseal sealers will do a great job protecting your driveway or patio and if a additional coat of sealer is applied every few years the paving can be kept in that 'just been laid' condition.

As with any good job, preparation is the key. When preparing block paving prior to sealing it is important that not only is the surface of the pavers clean, but vital that the joints have been cleaned properly. All forms of Smartseal block paving sealant will set jointing sand rock solid, but if the joints have not been cleaned thoroughly, the sealer will not be able to work correctly.

It is easy to become confused when researching coverage rates for block paving sealer. If you want the sanded joints between the gaps in the paving to be set solid, then work on low coverage rates for the sealer of about 2 m2 per litre. This coverage ratio will saturate the sand deeply within the joints, not only stabilising the paving but reducing the risk of weed growth. If you just want to protect the block paving on your driveway from oil stains and loss of colour, plus generally keeping it looking nice and easy to maintain, then the sealer can be applied at a ratio of around 4 m2 per litre. Multiple and regular top up coats of the acrylic block paving sealer will always increase the durability and reduce further maintenance required.

New Block Paving Preparation

Ensure the block paving is clean, dust free and that no efflorescence (surface whiteness) is present.  If efflorescence is visible ensure it is treated with efflorescence remover, then wash down thoroughly with clean water. Allow 4-6 weeks after treatment to ensure efflorescence does not re-appear.

Existing Block Paving

 All forms of paving must be clean, free of stains, dust, algae, weeds and efflorescence. For optimum results, treat paving with fungicidal wash prior to cleaning with a pressure washer. If efflorescence (surface whiteness) is present, proceed as stated in the 'New Paving' section above.

Final Block Preparation 

Check that the paves are dry by scrapping out the sand between the blocks to a depth of 5-10mm. If the sand is dry, the blocks will now be ready for sealing. With a sanding broom sweep additional kiln dry sand into all joints. Ensure there is no surplus sand on the face or bevelled edges of the blocks. Protect areas such as flowerbeds, ponds and adjacent areas from splashing. Ensure temperature is between 12-23C and that no rain is forecast for at least 8 hours.


Wear protective gloves, mask, googles, boots and suitable clothing at all times, We recommend applying 2 coats of sealer for a maximum protection. Leave approx. 2 hours between applications and ideally apply both coats on the same day.
Use a 4" brush to apply sealant to borders. Coat main area with Smartseal roller kit or suitable sprayer. Apply at a ratio of approx. 3 square metres per litre (1st coat) to ensure good penetration, and approx. 5 square metres per lire on the 2nd coat.


  • Smartseal sealers are designed to help minimise maintenance for the homeowner but as with all paving products, some degree of routine maintenance is necessary to prevent build-up of moss, weeds, stains or algae growth.
  • Smartseal block paving sealers are designed to be re-applied as and when required. To keep in optimum condition a top up coat is generally advisable every 3-5 years. The paving should be clean and free of grease or oil before any application.
  • Smartseal block paving sealers can be re-applied at any time if the paving is clean and dry. The allows areas of high wear to be re-treated if required.
  • Any spillages of oil based products should be removed as soon as possible with oil remover to avoid any dry stains forming.
  • In areas vulnerable to moss or algae, which include north facing, shady areas, underneath hanging baskets and overhanging trees, these should be treated occasionally with fungicidal wash. An annual treatment of the paving with fungicidal wash and gentle power washing is recommended in most cases.
  • Sand joints which are disturbed by heavy trafficking can be replaced and Smartseal sealer re-applied to the jointing sand in small amounts to make good.

When applying any kind of sealer to block paving make sure you are wearing appropriate protective wear including vapour mask, gloves and goggles.

For more technical information on our products for sealing block paving, please refer to the additional information available with each product. You can also download our application and maintenance guide on each product page.

All of the sealers we stock for block paving will increase the lifespan of the paving and make it far easier to maintain, to keep the block paving in optimum condition a top up coat of sealer, every few years dependent upon exposure to the elements, prevailing weather conditions and general usage is advised.

 Before placing a order, for more information regarding block paving sealer please call 01268 722500