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Smartseal concrete sealers provide lasting protection to concrete floors and other concrete surfaces such as driveway, walls and ceilings. The concrete floor sealers are very effective at stopping damp penetration into the suface if the concrete. We can supply solvent free impregnating sealers that work by filling all the microscopic voids in the surface of the concrete to create a water resistant barrier. They also act as an effective dustproofer stopping potentailly harmful levels of concrete dust getting into the atmosphere.

Please call 01268 722500 for further advice, information and to find out how you can restore your surfaces. If you prefer, you can see our enquiry form and contact us via there. 

Smartseal concrete sealers are highly protective sealers to keep concrete floors, walls and driveways looking good at all times. Weathering, damp and the resulting general deterioration are the biggest chalenges to keeping concrete in good condition. Applying a protective concrete sealer will create a water resistant barrier and waterproof the concrete which in turn will slow down the effects of weathering and prevent water ingress that can be damaging over time.

Frost in particular can be a big problem with concrete surfaces. The freeze/thaw effect can cause lasting damage to un-protected concrete surfaces, so having the concrete wall or floor sealed is sensisble advice and will save money on maintenance over time. Concrete floor sealers are highly protective and will prevent water ingress and damp.

Smartseal supply solvent based acrylic concrete sealers as well as solvent free concrete sealers. Please call our technical team on 01268 722500 to find out the most suitable concrete sealer for your project.