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Protective roof coatings for concrete roof tiles

Climashield is a protective roof coating, often referred to as a waterproof roof paint sealer. It is specially formulated to give lasting protection to concrete roof tiles. Available in six popular colours, the roof coating can transform the look of older roof tiles. They are easy to apply by brush or preferably an airless sprayer and will make an old roof look like new.

Roof coating colours available are black and various shades of grey, red and brown. Slate grey is probably the most popular colour but all of the coloured roof coating. As it also acts as a waterproof roof paint sealer, it can add significantly to the look and appearance of a roof.

Prior to application of the waterproof roof paint sealer we strongly recommend applying a strong moss and algae killing biocide such as moss clear pro to ensure any organic growth is killed off. The roof coating will also make the roof water resistant which will also help to slow down any re-growth of moss and algae.

This superior, waterproof roof paint sealer

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Coloured roof coatings are becoming increasingly popular these days as homeowners look to improve the visual appearance of their properties. The roof coatings are usually applied by using an airless sprayer and can have a transformative effect on older roof tiles. Once the roof coating has dried it can make the old roof look like a new one. Concrete roof tiles that are very porous will become very water resistant once the roof coating has been applied and this will help to slow down any re-growth of moss, lichen or algae.

Roof coatings are available in a range of popular colours to suit all tastes, such as black, grey, red and brown. Samples are available upon request. If moss or algae is present on the roof tiles it is advisable to use a good moss remover such as Moss Clear Pro to ensure any moss or algae spores are completely killed off prior to application.

Concrete roof tile coatings are the most cost effective way to transform the look of a roof without the need for any expensive replacement of the roof tiles.