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By Nicolas Clough

Dispatched promptly, though postal strike delayed delivery. Item exactly as described. Excellent service. Thank you.

By Jamal Chevolleau

Quality product and covers really well will be buying again thanks

By David Williams

The roof coating is a very good product, very easy to apply, looks like Ive had a new roof fitted, pity it doesnt come in smaller quantities.

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Climashield Roof Coating

(Sample & 20L Available) Transforms Old Concrete Tiles - Colours & Seals, 10yr + Lifespan UV Resistant and Breathable Protective Roof Coatings in Various Colours. Water Resistant.

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Product Description

Climashield Roof Coating is used to renew the look of ageing, porous concrete roof tiles. Superior to a roof paint, it will transform the look of old concrete roof tiles and acts as a waterproof roof paint sealer as well as a coloured roof coating.

Smartseal Climashield Roof Coating is currently available in Anthracite, Slate Grey, Terracotta, Deep Tan, Rustic Red, Burgundy, Mahogany and Black. Once applied, the waterproof roof paint or roof paint sealer will aesthetically transform the roof, leave it water resistant and protect it from the harmful effects of UV light. Once dry, the concrete tiles will be left looking beautiful and benefit from many years of protection against the weather. The waterproof roof paint will also help the roof tiles to slow down the regrowth of moss, algae and lichen. 

Water-vapour permeable coating allowing the roof to 'breathe'. This importantly enables the roof tiles to expel moisture from the inside out. If any roof coating or roof sealer is applied that does not enable this to occur, harmful fungal infections and mould growth can become widespread.

Our waterproof roof paint products are coloured with the highest quality pigments available, the benefits of this include greater resistance to colour deterioration from UV light and excellent adhesion between roof coating and tile.

The roof coating will also allow 'flexing' and movement within the roof tile. Technically this is highly important because exposure to heat and cold will cause roof tiles to expand and contract.





Thoroughly clean roof with pressure washer and treat with concentrate of biocide such as moss clear or moss clear pro. Ensure roof is totally clean, dry and free from moss, algae or lichen spores. Apply only to dry surface. Ensure roof coating is thoroughly mixed prior and during use with no sediment present. Apply by Airless Sprayer to dry surface, with no rain forecast for at least 4 hours. Two coats should be applied. Average coverage of the roof paint sealer is 4m - 6m per litre dependant on porosity of tile, ambient temperature and weather conditions.


  • Environmentally friendly water based acrylic product
  • Apply in dry weather in temperatures above 12 C with no rain forecast for at least 4 hours.
  • Average coverage 4m - 6m per litre 
  • Roof coating to slow regrowth of moss and algae
  • Allows excellent adhesion to concrete roof tile
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Waterproof roof paint
  • Flexible and heat resistant

UV light and general weathering to European Standards.
Product tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 6860 and TR010/ISO 4892-3 for resistance to accelerated weathering, equivalent to 5 years outdoor exposure in Europe. The results of these tests showed no sign of embrittlement or degradation of the coating.

Freeze Thaw Resistance.
Product tested in accordance with JIS A 6909 Clause 5.9.1 and showed no sign of any mechanical damage of the coating from the tests.

Adhesion to the Concrete Roof Tile.
Product tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 4624 and the coating did not come away in any of the tests. In all tests the concrete roof tiles failed due to the pull off load before the coating had an opportunity to come away from the tile.

Water Vapour Permeability.
Product was tested in accordance with ASTM D1653 and it was confirmed that the coating was vapour permeable.

Roof coating comes with a 10 year product guarantee when applied by a Smartseal Registered Roof Coating Specialist*

*Guaranteed not to flake, blister or peel away from the roof tiles during that period.


Harmful by inhalation. If swallowed, seek medical help immediately. Will cause irritation to skin and eyes, wear suitable safety wear at all times.

Product FAQs

Q: Hi Can I apply this with a masonry heavy duty roller? Thanks

Callum Allan

A: If the contours of the roof tile allows you to apply the roof coating by roller, then yes you could.

Response from Nigel

Q: hello, farm buildings. all various aged asbestos cement fully compressed sheets. oldest 54 years , youngest 35 years. normal aging plus clumps of green moss. oldest sheets starting to flake. how does roof revive work on old asbestos corrugated sheets?? phj

peter h johnson

A: The Roof Revive will be fine to be applied on the asbestos sheets, but no brushing off should be done, just left to kill the moss.

Response from Ricky

Q: what is the cost? How much area does a container cover? Do you spray or roll it on? I have a curved Spanish tile roof. Thanks

Bill White

A: The Climashield Roof Coating is £119.95 and will cover 4-6m2 per litre, so on average a container will cover 100m2. It can applied by an airless sprayer and or a brush. If you're tiles are clay, the coating will not key in, it's only suitable for concrete.

Response from Ricky
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