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Moss & Algae Removers

For Concrete, Tarmac and Natural Stone

Moss and Algae Remover for Roofs, Driveways, Walls and Patios

With prevailing damp conditions in the UK moss, algae and various lichens quickly become established on the surface of porous driveways, tarmac, sandstone, roof tiles, patio slabs and natural stone paving.

Moss can be unsightly and slippery. Prior to application of Smartseal sealers or coatings, that  protect and greatly inhibit surface growth, it is important the paved surface or roof are free from moss and other contaminants.

If you plan to wash your patio, driveway or roof a pre-treatment with weed remover or moss killer will make the cleaning process far easier and more effective.

Smartseal supply specialist moss treatment products and algae inhibitors that not only kill moss and enable easy cleaning, but contain highly effective biocides that inhibit future infestatio 

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For many of our customers the growth of weeds and subsequently moss and algae growth on roofs, driveways or patios is the single most detrimental aspect in the overall appearance of their home.

The wind-blown spores soon bed themselves into porous pavers, patio slabs or roof tiles and have little regard for that expensive installation. Once free from moss and algae, regular use of a moss killer can keep future regrowth to a minimum. 

For block paving, once clean of moss and weeds, we recommend the application of our Block Paving Sealer. This will, when correctly applied, set the sand solid and add a significant level of protection to the stain and oil resistant properties of the pavers.

Roof moss is also an increasing issue for many properties, an application of Moss Clear will remove the moss and algae. If this is followed up by application of a clear or coloured roof coating you will have years of a roof clear of unsightly and damaging moss growth.