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Block Paving

Sealer for Driveways and Patios

Block Paving Sealers for Driveways, Patios and Paths

Block paving sealer and block paving sealants from Smartseal. We are stockists of block paving sealer in a variety of finishes using polyurethane, acrylic and solvent free sealing materials to create a weather resistant barrier.

Our block paving sealers and sealants are all manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality materials. The block paving sealer we supply are manufactured to BS5750 /ISO9001 standards.

We take great pride in our levels of customer service and offer expert advice to anybody using our sealers for block paving for the first time. If you need advice on the type of block paving sealer that is right for your driveway or the ammount of sealer you require, please contact us.

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For technical help and advice, please call 01268 722500

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Block Paving Sealer for Domestic & Commercial use

Smartseal supply a high quality range of block paving sealers for most block paved surfaces. For domestic block paved driveways and patios around homes our solvent based acrylic block paving sealers are usually the preferred choice. If you would like a solvent free block paving sealer, our water based block paving sealers are very protective. The urethane block paving sealers we supply are generally advised and selected for larger commercial applications where very long term durability and oil resistant properties are essential.

All of the block paving sealers mentioned above will act as weed inhibitors by hardening the sand in the joints of the pavers. Stopping weeds growing in the joints of block paved drives and patios is the biggest issue for most homeowners. Applying a highly protective block paving sealer will prolong the lifespan of your driveway or patio by slowing down deterioartion of the surface. The block paving sealer also acts as a filter to harmful UV rays and prevents colour loss from the surface.

Smartseal block paving sealers are suitable for all types of block paved surfaces such as driveways, patios, paths, courtyards, shopping arcades and garage forecourts.