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Brick Wall Coating

Waterproof Coatings for Brick Walls

Waterproof coatings and sealers for brickwork and masonry

Un-protected brick walls and masonry are often quite porous. Over time this can lead to problems such as damp caused by water ingress, so ensuring brick walls and masonry are waterproof will prolong their lifespan. Our Brick Sealers and Masonry Protection Cream will act as protective waterproofers for brickwork and masonry and help to prevent damage caused by the spread of damp.

The Brick Sealer is a clear invisible sealer once dry and will not alter the appearance of brick walls. It provides lasting protection to brick walls by making them water resistant.

In a storm or adverse weather, Masonry Protection Cream will keep walls dry and help prevent water ingress which can often lead to damp. It will also protect against spalling of brickwork caused by freeze/thaw conditions. Excessive rainfall in a storm is the biggest problem for dry walls that are porous, so a brick wall sealer is essential to create that waterproofing effect.

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Prevent damp on brickwork by applying a protective sealer to brick walls and masonry. Making sure brick walls and masonry are fully waterproof is essential if you want to prolong the lifespan of an external wall or a masonry feature. Water ingress will damage porous brickwork over time and lead to the spread of damp if the brick wall is not treated.

In a storm, Masonry Protection Cream will keep walls dry and therefore reduce the possibility of damage by the spread of damp. In a storm its best to keep a porous wall dry, as this will make it last much longer. A protective brick sealer will keep a brick wall or masonry feature dry in a storm or other adverse weather conditions.

Protecting walls and brickwork from damp is essential, especially in reducing the risk of spalling which can be very expensive to repair.

Damage by frost is also a frequent problem often seen un-protected brickwork or masonry and is caused by frozen water held in the pores of brickwork. Applying a protective brick wall coating or sealer will save money over time and avoid the need to carry out expensive repairs.