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Cleaning Products

For Concrete, Slate and Clay Roofs

To remove Moss, Algae and Lichen on Roofs

Hard surface cleaning products for rapid cleaning of driveways, patios, walls and floors.

Smartseal have everything you need for effective surface preparation before you consider sealing your driveway, patio or internal surface such as a wall or floor. Our potent cleaning agents will rapidly remove dirt and grime from most hard surfaces such as concrete, slate, natural stone and block paving.

For help and advice to select the right cleaning product for your surface cleaning project, please call 01268 722500.

Hard surface cleaners for concrete, slate and natural stone.

Smartseal have the best cleaning products to swiftly remove dirt, grime and other contaminants from external hard surfaces. If you have an oil spill on block paving or concrete, we have oil removers for concrete and block paved driveways. We also have oil removers for tarmac and asphalt that will quickly remove oil stains on tarmac driveways.

Our patio cleaners will remove black spots on patios that are often very difficult to clean off natuarl stone and concrete patio slabs. Moss and algae removers are also available to quckly remove moss, algae and lichen from patios, walls and roof tiles.

Xylene based cleaning agents are also available to clean out solvents from sprayers and other application tools.