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Internal Sealers

For Floors, Walls and Worktops

Internal Sealers for Floors, Walls and Worktops

We supply and stock a great range of high quality sealers for most internal surfaces such as floors, walls and worktops. Most internal sealers are water based or non-solvents and will not give off vapours while they dry.

Our concrete and natural stone sealers are impregnators that provide lasting protection to the surface by filling the microscopic voids in the first few layers of a floor, worktop or other substrate. They make the surface resistant to staining from contaminants such as red wine, oil or grease. Small 1 litre sizes are availble, up to 25 litre drums

Suppliers of high quality internal sealers for concrete floors and worktops. Our internals sealers offer great protection from red wine stains, oil and grease. Porous concrete surfaces within the home can now be protected with our long lasting impreganting sealers. Available in a dry invisible finish, the internal sealers are suitable for concrete, slate, travertine, marble, limestone and granite.