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Cleaning and Sealing Products

Products to clean and protect wood and decking

Smartseal supply high quality decking oil from market leading manufacturer Liberon.

Liberon Decking Oil will protect the surface of hard or softwood decking. It will also restore the original colour and appearance of the wood.

Liberon Oil for Decking contains very highest quality oils to provide long lasting protection to timber decking and wooden balustrades. Liberon Decking Oil is also suitable for use on other external wooden surfaces such as garden fences, sheds and gates. Liberon Decking Oil also contains UV filters that will help shield and protect the wood from the damaging effects of sunlight.

High quality cleaning products and decking oils for wood. Suppliers of Liberon Decking Oil, a protective oil to stop wood and decking deteriorating.

Liberon decking oil is available in a clear finish and will improve the appearance of older wood and decking that may have lost some of its original colour due to prpolonged exposure to UV light.