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Roof Sealer

For Concrete, Clay and Slate Roof Tiles

Clear Roof Sealers for Concrete, Clay and Slate Roof Tiles

Clay roof tile sealer is a clear finish, easy to apply, impregnating sealant. Because of the porosity and finish of clay tiles coloured roof coatings are not advisable.

Our sealer for clay tiles are best applied by sprayer or paint brush for smaller areas. By soaking into the porous voids of the clay tile the roof will be protected from moss and algae growth whilst keeping it's natural appearance.

Use Moss Clear Pro to kill off any moss growth prior to the application of the roof sealer.

Smartseal sealer for clay tiles is a one coat product. with a coverage of approx 4-6 sq metres per litre dependent on porosity of the tile.

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Clear protective roof sealer to provide lasting protection to all types of roof tiles. Our roof sealer will protect porous clay, slate and concrete roof tiles by making them water resistant. This will help to slow down the re-growth of moss, algae and lichen on roof tiles which tend to thrive in a damp, porous, environment.

Prior to application, make sure the roof tiles are clean and free of any moss and algae growth. Use Moss Clear Pro to ensure all moss spores are killed off before application of the clear roof sealer. Roof sealers dry in an invisible finish to leave a natural looking roof tile.