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Internal Surfaces

Sealers for Concrete, Stone, Slate, Marble and Granite

Internal cleaning products and sealers for floors, worktops and walls

Smartseal internal floor cleaners  and sealers are suitable for a wide variety of internal floor surfaces such as concrete, slate, limestone, terrazzo, travertine and other forms of natural stone as well as floor sealers for tiles. Smartseal internal floor sealers are solvent free impregnating sealers designed to offer maximum protection to internal floors from any form of staining or oil or grease contamination. Keeping internal floors clean and looking like new is made much simpler when the surface has been previously sealed with a good quality sealer which protects against unsightly ingrained dirt. 

Internal floor sealers are highly durable impregnating sealers that protect the surface of the floor by filling any microscopic voids in the substrate. This type of floor sealer is water based and solvent free which makes it ideal for internal use as there are no strong odours to worry about which can be a problem when using solvent based sealers. After cleaning and preparing the surface using a suitable floor cleaner, application is simple and is normally by roller or brush.

We also supply a grout cleaner, grout sealer and an internal brick sealer. These products, if used and applied correctly, can certainly transform the look of your home.

Application guides can be found next to each product and downloaded.

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Cleaners & Sealers for Internal Concrete Floors, Worktops, Stairs and Walls

If you need an internal concrete floor, stairwell or wall sealed, Smartseal have a range of high-quality impregnating sealers that can protect the concrete from staining and deterioration. Our internal concrete sealers provide lasting protection that will continue for between 5 and 10 years depending on use.

Prior to sealing, all surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly with a good quality appropriate cleaning product. This is particularly important for natural stone surfaces as many products on the market contain bleach or acid which would not be suitable and may even damage the fašade. An effective, high quality product for floor tiles, wall tiles and stone worktops would be a  pH neutral tile and stone cleaner as this would be safe to use in food preparation areas.

When ingrained dirt is difficult to remove from stone floors and tiles, you will need a heavy-duty tile and stone cleaner which will break down and remove the most contaminated areas of grime.  

If cleaning grout, a grout cleaner should be used. If grout haze is present its best to use a grout haze remover prior to sealing the grout with a grout sealer.

 Smartseal concrete sealers for worktops are totally food safe once dry and prevent stains from water and other contaminants from penetrating the surface. Concrete food preparation areas and worktops can be a stylish addition to the contemporary kitchen but will quickly lose their appeal if they are not adequately protected against blemishes and discolouration. Sealing a concrete worktop with two coats of internal concrete sealer will provide an effective water repellent barrier and long-lasting protection helping to maintain the smart appearance of the concrete.

 Internal sealers are suitable for use on concrete, slate, marble, travertine and natural stone including limestone and sandstone floors and worktops. Smartseal also have a range of coloured sealers for tile grout which not only protects the grout from deterioration but can also transform a tired space to look like new.