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Internal Surfaces

Sealers for Concrete, Stone, Slate, Marble and Granite

Internal sealers for concrete and stone floors, worktops and walls

Smartseal internal floor sealers are suitable for a wide variety of internal floor surfaces such as concrete, slate, limestone, terrazzo, travertine and other forms of natural stone, These internal floor sealers are solvent free impregnating sealers designed to offer maximum protection to internal floors from any form of staining or oil or grease contamination.

Internal floor sealers are highly durable impregnating sealers that protect the surface of the floor by filling any microscopic voids in the substrate. This type of floor sealer is water based and solvent free - application is normally by roller or brush. 

Sealers for Internal Concrete Floors, Worktops, Stairs and Walls

If you need an internal concrete floor, stairwell or wall sealed, Smartseal have a range of high quality impregnating sealers that can protect the concrete from staining and deterioration. Our internal concrete sealers provide lasting protection and will last for 5-10 years depending on use.

Concrete sealers for worktops are totally food safe once dry and prevent stains from water and other contaminants from penetrating the concrete. Seal a concrete worktop with two coats of internal concrete sealer to provide an effective water repellant barrier and long lasting protection to the concrete.

Internal sealers are suitable for use on concrete, slate, marble, travertine and natural stone including limestone and sandstone floors and worktops.