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Brick Sealer

For Brickwork and Masonry

Brick and masonry sealer for sealing all types of brick walls

Smartseal solvent free, polymer rich, impregnating sealer is a excellent water resistant and damp proofing treatment for brickwork and masonry.After application, our Brick Sealer and Masonry Protection Cream allow the substrate to breathe and has been in use extensively on commercial buildings for nearly 20 years.

A lifespan of 10-15 years can be expected from a single coat application of the brick sealer and over 25 years for the Masonry Cream when applied to saturation. The brick sealers once applied create a hydrophobic brick waterproofing effect that means any water is repelled immediately.

Application of the sealer for brickwork or masonry will seal up the porous voids and keep the substrate dry and resistant to algae.Smartseal Brick Sealer can safely be used internally or externally, around animals, children and storage areas for food. Apply one coat to the point of saturation to a clean, dry brick or masonry surface.

View our step-by-step Brick Sealers and Masonry Cream video guides hereWe also supply Climashield energy saving wall sealer and masonry cream which keep walls dry, minimise heat transference but still leave the brickwork able to breathe. For further information call 01268 722500 or contact us

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Our range of brick sealer and sealants for brickwork and walls are solvent free and comply with the latest REACH regulations. This effective brick waterproofer for brickwork and masonry can safely be used for all porous vertical surfaces. Unlike most brick sealers that sit on the face of the brick, our impregnating sealer soaks deep into the brickwork, sealing up the porous voids and will render the brickwork and pointing water resistant. Keeps brick walls waterproof in a storm and dry from water ingress.

Because the brick sealer impregnates into the substrate, it will have a far greater lifespan than a 'topical' sealer that only sits on the surface of the brick. Our brick sealer and masonry protection cream are also widely used commercially to help reduce cleaning bills where pollutants and dirt reduce the aesthetic appeal of the building.

For best results dependent on porosity of the substrate Smartseal brick and masonry should be applied at a ratio of approx 3.5-4.0 m2 per litre. Once applied the sealer will be virtually invisible, it leaves a dry finish, but the same as when applying any sealer, it is always worth applying to a test area 1st.

Because it seals so effectively only one coat of sealer is required. If a subsequent coat of the brick waterproofer is applied, the brick sealer will have nowhere to absorb into and will be a waste of material.

Although there are no harmful chemicals within our brick sealant it is always advisable to wear gloves, goggles and mask during application.  Our brick sealer is available in 1, 5, and 25 litre containers. If you would like to test the product before ordering the quantity required, 100ml samples are available for 3.95 inclusive.

If you require any further information on the different types of brickwork and masonry sealer we have available, please call us on 01268 722500 or contact us.