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Block Paving

"Block Magic" transforms old block paved driveways and patios into new (2.5 mins guide)
Step-by-step cleaning of block paving, and sealing with Eco-Friendly Sealer (2.5 mins)
The Professional Guide to Cleaning & Protecting Block Paving Driveways (14:39)
Detailed guide on how to clean, maintain and apply sealer to block paving (27 mins)
5 Easy steps to pre-treat, clean, colour, re-sand, & seal block paving into NEW (3 mins)

Imprinted Concrete

Quick DIY guide to application of imprinted concrete sealer, repair, & colouring (2.5 mins)
Detailed guide on how to clean, repair, colour and seal imprinted concrete (20 mins)

Tarmac & Asphalt

Detailed guide on how to clean, repair tarmac and apply protective coating (18 mins)
Quick DIY guide to tarmac repair and application of Tarmaseal™ coating (2.5 mins)

Natural Stone

How-To Clean, Seal and Maintain Natural Stone and Sandstone Patios (14:05 Mins Guide)
Step-by-Step - Cleaning and sealing of Natural Stone patios and driveways (2.5 mins guide)
Xtreme 60 - Powerful cleaner, removes black spot and lichen from Natural Stone (2 mins)

Brick and Concrete

Highly protective Brick and Concrete Sealer - Product and application guide (2.5 mins)
Protective Masonry Cream - Powerful coating for Brickwork & Masonry

Roof Cleaning

The process of professional roof cleaning, repairs, & application of roof coating (2.5 mins)
BioWash Roof Cleaning - Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Technology

Our Services

Cleaning, restoring and sealing services from Smartseal Agents (2:20)