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For Tarmac, Brickwork and Concrete Roofs

Protective Coatings for Driveways, Roofs, Brickwork and Masonry

Smartseal supply a range of high quality coatings to give lasting protection to brickwork, masonry and tarmac. Smartseal protective coatings ensures a longer lifespan for your wall, roof or tarmac driveway by creating a protective barrier that slows down surface erosion.

A protective coating applied to an external hard surface will protect and restore the look of the surface. A protective coating on a roof tile or wall will prevent water ingress which is one of the biggest causes of damage to external surfaces. Stopping water penetration on brickwork or masonry means damage from the freeze/thaw effect is minimised.

Protective roof coatings come in various colours and can transform the look of old roof tiles as well as preventing water ingress which will help to slow down the re-growth of moss, algae and lichen on roof tiles.

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Smartseal supply a range of highly protective coatings to protect a number of external surfaces. If you are looking for a protective coating for your wall to prevent water ingress and damp, our Masonry Protection Cream will keep walls and brickwork dry.

Concrete roof tiles can be protected and transformed with with an application of our colored roof coating. The coloured roof coating comes in a range of colours including brown, red and grey and can make old roof tiles look like new.

Tarmac and asphalt driveways, carp parks, tennis courts and school playgrounds can be restored with Tarmaseal™ our hard wearing acrylic coating to rejuvenate older tarmac surfaces. The tarmac restorer will make the tarmac look like new by restoring the original colour. Tarmac restorer is available in black, red or green.