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Masonry Cream for Waterproofing Walls and Protection from Damp

Smartseal are suppliers and stockists of highly protective masonry sealers for effective waterproofing of brick, concrete and masonry walls. Porous masonry is vulnerable to water ingress and the inevitable spread of damp if not treated. If you want to prevent damp and increase your flood protection, our masonry cream is the solution. Our Brick and Masonry waterproofing cream is effective in extreme weather conditions such as storms, and will keep a wall dry, providing high levels of water repellancy.

Masonry can be protected from the spread of damp by applying our masonry sealer or masonry cream which gives longer lasting protection as it penetrates deeeper in the masonry, preventing water ingress.

If you are looking for an effective brick sealer or damp proofing for brickwork or masonry call 01268 722500 and one of our staff will be able to help. You can also check out our Masonry Cream here.


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Smartseal Masonry Cream 

Smartseal Protective Masonry Cream is used to prevent damp on brickwork and masonry. This premium water repelling protection cream penetrates deeply into the surface of brick, stone, and concrete walling, providing unrivalled protection against the ingress of water. One key benefit of a cream-based formulation over traditional sealers is its ability to penetrate more deeply into masonry or brickwork. The water-resistant cream harnesses a tried and tested silane/siloxane formulation technology which provides a highly effective durable solution to damp and water ingress. This formula is so effective, Independent tests indicate that this type of cream will have a lifespan of over 25-30 years. The product works by soaking into the porous voids of bricks and masonry sealing from within, whilst importantly, allowing walls still to 'breathe'. This allows existing and future moisture created not to become trapped, therefore avoiding greater problems. The application is simple, by brush or roller with only a single coat required. See our How To Videos for the easy application.

Smartseal's 'Climashield' protective masonry cream is also widely used as an energy saving product. By helping to keep walls dry, thermal efficiency within your household is greatly increased. When used in conjunction with other energy-saving systems, savings as high as 29% can be expected. If used as a stand-alone treatment, average savings of 5-6% per annum on energy bills is realistic.

Brick and Masonry Cream should only be applied to a clean, dry surface which is above ground level. Furthermore, ensure there is no rain forecast for at least 12 hours. If cleaning of the surface is required avoid the use of detergents, also avoid application of the masonry cream to structures with high levels of salt/efflorescence. Technically, any moisture within the surface of the substrate will act as a barrier and reduce product penetration and effectiveness. Application to previously sealed or painted surfaces is also not advisable. For more information on the application of our waterproofing Masonry Cream, see our how-to videos here!

Smartseal Damp Proofing Brickwork and Masonry Cream has been developed to leave, once cured, a dry, invisible finish. On some substrates, a slight darkening may be apparent, but this will normally fade within a short period. We would always suggest applying to a test area before the total application is started.

Most forms of Brickwork and Masonry in the UK are very porous allowing water to penetrate. The unique properties of Smartseal polymer rich Masonry Cream will change the chemical structure of the substrate rendering it water repellent.

Smartseal Masonry Cream is environmentally friendly and will also protect against stains, pollution, graffiti and organic growth

As with any sealing product it is always advised to apply to a test area first, we have 100ml samples available. If you require any more information regarding our sealing products for brick, masonry, concrete or walls please call us on 01268 722500 or see our Masonry Cream here!