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Tiles & Grout

Tiles & Grout

Tile & Grout Cleaners & Stone Impregnators for Floor & Wall Tiles

Smartseal supply a complete range of grout cleaners and grout sealing products. You can quickly improve the look and appearance of stained grout on stone floors and wall tiles. Our grout cleaning products can make old, dirt grout look like new. You can also clean dirty grout and colour the grout with Grout Magic that works like a grout paint. Grout Magic can transform the look of old grout and is far superior to a grout pen or grout dye.

We also have a complete range of stone sealers and stone impregnators for stone floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms. The stone floor sealers are suitable for limestone, slate, travertine and sandstone. The stone floor sealer offers protection from staining and will help to keep tiles clean.

Before using a grout sealer or a stone sealer, we strongly recommend cleaning the floor or wall tiles first. Use the grout cleaner to remove grout stains. The heavy duty stone and tile cleaner will quickly remove dirt and grime from floor tiles. If mould or mildew is present, use the mould and mildew remover.

For further help and advice on our grout cleaners, grout sealers or stone cleaning products call 01268 722500.

Grout cleaning & sealing products. Stone floor cleaners & sealers

Cleaning and sealing a stone floor or an area of wall tiles can be easy with the right products. Our stone restoration products can quickly refresh old stone floors and wall tiles to look like new. We have some of the best grout cleaning and grout sealing products available as well as high quality internal sealers to help you to create that professional look. We would not recommend using a cheap grout pen or grout paint for grout restoration as outcomes can vary widely and often end in poor results. Grout Magic is a specially formulated grout colourant that can transform the look of any tiled area. Renovating the look of old stained grout by refreshing or changing the colour can give the effect of a complete make over. 

We supply a heavy duty stone and tile cleaner and mould and mildew remover. These stone tile cleaners and grout cleaning products can transform the look of dirty floor and wall tiles. For lasting protection to floor and wall tiles use the stone sealer and stone impregnator. These stone cleaners, grout restorers and grout cleaners can be used on most surfaces and are safe to use on slate, ceramic, porcelain, sandstone and limestone floor tiles and wall tiles.

Prior to the application of any floor sealer it is best to use a good stone rejuvenator, tile cleaner and grout cleaner. Grout Magic can be used as a grout whitener, refreshing the look of the grout and giving the appearance of newly laid tiles or why not go for a completely new style by re-colouring the grout to add a stylish touch to tired surfaces. Grout Magic  is also available in black, ivory, various shades of grey or brown as well as sandstone and limestone tones.

For further help or advice on stone floor cleaning products and grout cleaners and sealers call 01268 722500.