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Sealers for Brick and Masonry Walls

Sealers for damp prevention and the waterproofing of Brick Walls

Our brick sealers will provide a highly effective barrier for the prevention of damp on brick walls. The sealers for brickwork can be applied by sprayer or roller and once dry will prevent water penetration into previously porous brickwork. Our bricksealers are odour free non-solvents as well as being eco-friendly.

Masonry Protection Cream must be applied by brush or roller due due to higher viscosity levels. The Masonry Cream provides higher levels of water repellancy over a longer period than the water based brick sealers.

For application guidelines call 01268 722500 or download the application guide next to each product.

Protecting your Walls and Solving Common Problems Caused by Damp and Moisture in the Home

The Problems with Brickwork

Most homeowners think that the bricks or stone walls that their properties are constructed of are relatively waterproof, unfortunately, this is not the case. Most types of brickwork and traditional stone walling are in fact, very susceptible to water ingress. These external surfaces contain a vast number of tiny porous voids that draw moisture in.

If a wall is very old, in poor condition or the mortar is damaged, water can easily penetrate and cause problems. It is often very difficult to identify exactly where the water is penetrating the brickwork, but prime sources to look at are areas most exposed to rainfall or walls that do not benefit from much natural sunlight, and rooms that are not adequately heated. Of course, if the damp proof membrane of the property is very old or compromised in some way, a significant amount of dampness is likely to occur.

If you have any concerns about whether the damp course of the property is performing correctly, professional advice and a survey should be carried out as this problem cannot be rectified by application of any type of brick sealant or penetrating masonry cream alone. Before considering the application of a brick sealer, check for any small cracks or holes in the mortar joints. Damage to the mortar generally occurs to the vertical (head) joints, between the bricks. This is because unlike the horizontal joints (the 'bed' bricks are laid on) the pointing is generally not solid and will only provide a limited resistance to moisture. Our advice would be to repair the damaged mortar prior to applying a sealer or coating.

How we can Help

Available in the UK there are two types of sealers or coatings for protection of brickwork against water ingress, the options are water repellents or film forming sealants. Water repellents, that we recommend and stock, will easily penetrate deeply into virtually any form of the porous brick, stone or mortar. They work by soaking deep into and coating the insides of the porous voids within the wall but, very importantly leaving the 'passageways' open, allowing the brickwork or stone walls to breathe, and therefore no moisture will become trapped into the substrate. See the videos below to help summarize the common issues with brickwork, and how our products are the ultimate solution to these common problems.

See our How-To videos here

Film forming, lower grade sealants leave a non-breathable film across the wall. We do not recommend these products as they generally cause more problems than they can solve. This is due to the sealer bonding on the 'face' of the surface, therefore, trapping moisture into the substrate. This then causes further issues with damp, mould and the deterioration and/or flaking of brickwork. This type of sealer also has a very limited lifespan, with most walls having to be treated every 2-3 years- unlike our water repellents which have a lifespan of at least 15 years.

Our range of penetrating Brick Sealers or Masonry Creams rarely change the appearance of the wall, unlike film forming sealers. Our products soak directly into the substrate, thus, a long lifespan and maximum protection from water ingress is guaranteed.  Moreover, Preparation and application of our water repellents is very simple and usually takes around 2 hours on most properties.

As you can see from the pictures above, the untreated surface on the right has a severe problem with damp and moisture that is amplified when there is rainfall. The untreated surface has caused mould on the surface, which is a result of the water behind that has seeped into the substrate. Once water has seeped in, health affecting mould problems are possible, with damage to the brickwork likely.

Application of brick sealer will not only protect walls by keeping them dry but can also reduce costs by diminishing heat loss through wet walls and greatly minimizes cleaning costs.

So, if you are interested in protecting your home from damp and moisture, check out our Brick Sealer or Masonry Cream. These premium products are on our website at value prices; they provide long term protection against damp and moisture, whilst increasing the thermal efficiency of your property. See more about them here:

Smartseal Brick/Masonry Sealer

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