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Grout Paint

Grout Paint

Grout Magic is a high quality sealer and re-colourant, offering superior performance to a grout paint or grout sealer that are often used to re-colour tired looking grouting. Grout Magic also out performs and lasts longer than the cheaper grout pens that are often used to tidy up dull and dirty grout. It can quickly transform the look of tiled walls and floors in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas within the home, saving time and money.

Keeping grout clean can be problematic, especially in areas where there is often higher levels of moisture in the air, such as bathrooms and kitchens. In these areas, it does not take too long for dirt and grime to accumulate on the grout if it is not frequently cleaned. Many homeowners expect this to happen and tend to leave the grout too long in between trying to clean it. When this happens it often becomes more difficult to get it clean and make it look like it originally was when newly installed. Furthermore, the growth of mould in addition to any dirt or grime can become a health hazard in confined spaces. Grout Magic is a ready made solution, specially formulated to make old grouting looking like new and can have a transformative effect on any dirty bathroom or kitchen tiles that may also be showing evidence of mould growth.

Grout Magic is not a grout paint and should also not be likened to a grout pen that is often used as a short term, cheap solution to re-colouring grout on tiles. Grout Magic also acts as a grout sealer that can re-colour and transform old, tired-looking grouting on internal tiling. Currently available in ten colours, it can be applied very quickly and save considerable expense by avoiding the need to re-grout old tiles.

Prior to application, Grout Magic Pre-treatment should be used as a primer to ensure the grout magic bonds correctly to the old grouting. Grouting on tiles on floors and walls in bathrooms, hallways and kitchens can be done in a few hours and the results can be amazing.

Grout deterioration in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas in the home is a common problem. It is in these areas that are frequently subject to high levels of moisture, resulting in the build up of mould and dirt over time. If the grout is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can start to look very unsightly as well as being a potential health hazard. Once this occurs many homeowners end up buying a cheap grout pen or some sort of grout paint to try to restore the original look of the grout. However, this is not ideal as these 'cost saving' options tend not to last and end up costing more money in the long term. There are other options that will last considerably longer than a cheap grout pen or grout paint. Smartseal have developed an innovative grout sealer and grout recolourant called Grout Magic. Although, it acts like a a grout paint, Grout Magic lasts considerably longer and is much harder wearing. 

Keeping grout looking like new is not easy as dirt and grime will build up quickly, especially in heavily used areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Mould and mildew is also a problem and can quickly grow and spread in these areas of high humidity. Despite the development of antibacterial grouting compounds from companies like Bal, the problem still exists and homeowners are constantly looking for solutions. Although a grout paint can look good at first, it tends not to last long and the problem of ingrained dirt, grime, as well as the spread of mould and mildew does not go away.

Grout magic was developed by Smartseal to help resolve the long standing grout issues outlined above. Grout magic may be compared to a grout paint in the sense it can make old, dirty grout look like new and avoid the need for total replacement. However, the advanced formulation will not only transform the look of old grout in kitchens and bathrooms by recolouring the existing grout, it also acts as a grout sealer, preventing water ingress into porous grouting. The grout sealer and recolourant, which is a superior alternative to grout paint or a cheap grout pen can save homeowners a lot of money. Old grout can quickly look like new and transform the look of any bathroom, kitchen or any other part of the home where the grout on tiling has started to look 'tired'.