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Sealers, Coatings and Cleaning Products

Sealers, Coatings and Cleaning Products for Concrete, Slate and Clay Roofs

Smartseal supply a complete range of  cleaning and protective products for all types of roof tiles and slates. We are stockists of quality roof coatings, roof paints and sealers under the ClimashieldTM brand. Our roof cleaning and moss removal products are fast acting, highly effective and easy to apply. 

ClimashieldTM roof coatings are supplied in a choice of six popular colours and are specially formulated to transform the appearance of older style roof tiles. ClimashieldTM roof coatings and sealers come with a comprehensive 10 year product guarantee.

If you prefer to retain the look and original colour of your roof tiles, we can also supply a clear impregnating sealer for concrete and clay tiles. Please get in touch for further information about any of our roof cleaning, moss removal or protective sealing products.

We supply a complete range of roof tile sealers and moss removal products for all types of roof tiles. Our sealers are suitable for sealing clay roof tiles and will help to slow down the re-growth of moss and algae on roof tiles.

Coloured roof coatings are also available in six different colours and can totally transform the look of old roof tiles to look like new.

We can also advise you on our very effective roof cleaning products that will quickly kill off and remove moss and algae on roof tiles. For help and advice on all roof cleaning products and sealers call 01268 722500.