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Concrete Sealer

For Sealing all types of Concrete Surfaces

Concrete sealer for driveways, patios, walls and floors

 Browse our range of EN1504-2 Approved concrete sealers and concrete sealant. Our concrete sealer is for the protection and repair of concrete structures (Hydrophobic Impregnation). For all our sealer range full relevant technical data is available. Smartseal's concrete sealers are widely used as a concrete floor sealer for use in domestic and commercial environments.

Smartseal are stockists and suppliers of concrete sealant for internal and external use. Our Premium Concrete Sealer is  an eco-friendly, highly effective concrete sealer, is solvent free, food-safe and available in 1, 5 and 25 litre containers. However, if you do not wish to commit to a full purchase, we offer samples for all of our concrete sealers.

Our sealer for concrete is classified as an 'impregnating sealer' technically this means it will soak deeply into any concrete substrate, sealing the porous voids and render the concrete water resistant. Because it seals from within the substrate, a 10 year lifespan can be expected.

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Solvent free concrete dustproofer and sealer complies with the latest REACH SAFETY regulations can be used safely around animals and foodstuffs. For more information on our sealers for concrete contact us or call 01268 722500. 

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Protective Concrete Sealers for all types of Concrete Surfaces

Smartseal supply a complete range of solvent based and non-solvent sealers for concrete. We can also supply highly effective concrete dustproofing concrete sealers. Please note If you are using solvent based concrete sealant it is important that the right safety wear is worn at all times.

Concrete floor sealers are used internally and externally on internal floors and garage floors. Concrete and cement sealant for increased protection against oil and grease stains and staining from water.

If the concrete being sealed is internal or poorly ventilated we would recommend our solvent free concrete sealer. This is particular important if it is a public area and the property cannot be left un-occupied whilst the strong odours from the solvents dissipates.

Our internal solvent free concrete sealer is odour free and contains no harmful chemicals, it is totally inert and can be safely used around food storage and childrens play areas. Application of our solvent concrete sealer will protect against penetration of fluids and create a stain resistant barrier.

Our solvent free concrete sealer is a one coat product and easily applied via a standard sprayer, roller or brush. On floated concrete surfaces coverage rates of 6-8m2 can be expected and on rough cast concrete we would recommend coverage at between 3-4 m2 per litre. Dependent on wear and tear a long lifespan of the sealer can be expected, with lightly used areas likely to remain protected for up to 10 years.

For the best results with our external (ONLY) solvent based acrylic concrete sealant two coats should be applied. This can again be done by roller, brush or sprayer, but if applied by sprayer a chemical resistant model must be used and Smartseals cleaning fluid washed through the sprayer to ensure continued use.

If you need any advice on selecting the right type of concrete sealer or concrete sealant for your project, please get in touch on 01268 722500