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Premium Concrete Sealer, Breathable & Impregnating; Solvent Free; Food Safe

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Pretty fast delivery. Excellent product. Used sealer on concrete kitchen surface. No idea if it's "food friendly" but that's an irrelevance anyway. Slightly different to solvent free version that I already had but v. minimal smell if any. Ended up using the entire bottle. Perhaps 6 coats was overkill but stained concrete would have caused a domestic! Leaves a very subtle sheen but doesn't darken once dry. Don't panic on the first couple of coats! Water beads brilliantly but we remove any straight away. So far so good.

By Ian Galloway

Smart Seal were very helpful over the phone, advising me on the best sealant for my project. Sample was delivered very promptly and after drying out I confirmed it was the sealant for the job. I'm now going to order 5 litres of the Concrete Sealer.

By John Forrest

Excellent product - does exactly what is says! Also great customer service from Tracey who was very helpful and knowledgeable. I wish all companies had this level of professionalism! Thank you.

By Sara W

Used it to seal outdoor terrace. Literally the only product I have found (tested 5 or 6) that does not discolour at all. ie you wont know its on there. Water does pool on surface however as with all polymer sealants.

By Matthew Jellicoe

Easy to apply sealer with a roller or brush. A little goes a long way. Appears to do the job I wanted where the apron to my shed absorbed rain water and conducted it into the shed. It's rained twice since I applied the product and so far there has been no ingress into my shed. I only painted the floor 10 days ago so have no comment on the longevity of this sealer

By John Stirrup

Great product the concrete sealer was delivered promptly did exactly what we wanted and we were left with a lovely finish

By James Wilcock

Easy to apply on a polished concrete worktop outside the house . So far so good , made a good clear satin seal, no stain has appeared so far.

By Frederic Connan

Sealer arrived on time. Very easy to apply and to clean up afterwards. Early days, but certainly seems to have suppressed the dust from the concrete garage floor.

By Peter Holliday

Sealer goes on easily, dries to an invisible finish. I applied probably too sparingly to my concrete table top so it took 4 coats but it dries quickly so it was no big deal. For a table 900mm x 1400mm I used about 500ml. After the 4th coat of sealer water sits on the surface without soaking in.


Very good product. Did two coats of the concrete sealer. Does not change the colour of the paving slabs but puts a slight sheen on them only seen when the sun shines on them. Water just runs off them now instead of soaking in.

By Sandra Morris

Very good. Sealer does not discoler slabs. Have ordered larger quantity after trying sample

By Sandra Morris

Really great product. We used it to seal our new concrete floor in our shop. Great customer service who directed me to a food safe product. It went down really well, two applications and it is all sealed. A great Matt finish. Online tutorials were handy too. The floor is now sealed but still looks exactly the same. Just how we wanted it. Would highly recommend this product and the company. From start to finish fabulous!

By Heidi Howarth

Really good product. I used it to seal a polished concrete kitchen worktop and it has worked very well with spills easy to mop up without staining.

By Mark Platten

Invisible when dry, easy to apply and so far has really sealed the cement floor.

By Toni Gabb

�Does what it says on the tin ...� opps wrong brand but it works no surprises

By Robert Austin From London

Excellent product.. good communication, well packed, quick delivery...easy to apply, used a foam roller.. applying 4 coats in total to a new concrete worktop(food safe). Followed the instructions of "wet on wet" coating within 10 minutes of each coat.. gives a smooth mid/sheen finish..with no colour change when fully dried.. time will tell on durability.. but overall very pleased.. recommend this product

By Andrew Jay

Great product Just what my concrete worktops needed

By Stuart Barrie

delivery prompt, well packed and good value

By Mark John Sherburn

Fast delivery and good sound sealer!

By Bennita George From Brighton

Does the job perfectly and easy to apply.

By Anthony Westwood

Really easy to apply sealer with a roller and dried quickly. Seems to be working - the water and dirt no longer soak into the concrete slab.

By Elizabeth Boyle

Great product.....does exactly what the product info says it does

By John Chalker

Good product, information provided more than adqiuate: I used it to seal some customised coping stones that are subject to some extreme weather. I tested them for water proofing and water droplets really did form on the surface. I now have to wait and see if the coping stones can withstand the weather this winter.

By Ronald Hood

We resealed our imprinted concrete patio last October and have just continued doing all the drive over the Bank Holiday. The sealant is easy to use and looks amazing. The support services headed up by Nigel are second to non. Many thanks to all concerned

By Mrs Gill Wright From Sheffield

I had no idea what would be the best product to use to seal our newly cleaned patio and so I called Smartseal for advice. I found them enormously helpful and am delighted with the concrete sealer that they recommended. We were very lucky with the weather when the sealant was applied and have already seen the benefit of the treatment in the subsequent wet weather!

By Ivan Kremer
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Premium Concrete Sealer

Highly protective concrete floor sealer and concrete sealer for walls and worktops. This product is Food Safe.

The unique properties of our concrete sealer will alter the chemical structure of a porous building substrate, which will in turn provide oil, staining and water repellent properties. The appearance of the substrate will not change and will remain moisture vapour permeable. Our Concrete Sealer is recommended for many building projects by architects and surveyors for concrete sealing applications.

Versatile, clear, high quality internal impregnating concrete sealer, easy to apply and compliant to latest REACH regulations. Very hard wearing, average lifespan 10 years+

Application by brush, roller or sprayer, average coverage 5 m per litre.

Will not change original colour of surface.

Suitable for use on:

  • Concrete
  • Brickwork
  • Masonry
  • Cement
  • Natural Stone

Non solvent based product with no unpleasant odours touch dry, 4 hours, fully waterproof 24 - 48 hours.


Premium Concrete Sealer (solvent free) suitable for porous walls, masonry, facades and floors, protects against soiling. Surfaces treated with Smartseal impregnating concrete sealer will remain cleaner longer, reducing cleaning costs.

  • Apply one coat only, by sprayer, roller or brush.
  • Oil and Water Repellent to BS 6477:1992 
  • Prevents Organic Growth
  • Stain and Dirt Resistant
  • Solvent Free
  • Food Safe
  • REACH Compliant Water-Based Protective Solution
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 8 C