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Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted Concrete

We supply and stock a complete range of products for sealing imprinted concrete driveways and patios. Our imprinted concrete sealers are used extensively in the domestic and commercial sector to seal imprinted concrete driveways and patios. Imprinted concrete sealers are available in Matt or Silk finish. We also carry a comprehensive range of colour tints to add colour to imprinted concrete driveways and patios that have faded over time.

If you need any concrete repair materials we have everything you need to ensure small hairline cracks or larger areas of damaged concrete can be repaired. If you have areas of whiteness or peeling/flaking sealer you can use our Sealer Repair Fluid to rectify the issue and ensure your imprinted concrete drive or patio looks like it was when first laid.

Please call 01268 722500 for further advice, information and to find out how you can restore your surfaces. If you prefer, you can contact us via our enquiry form 

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Imprinted concrete driveways and patios are sealed when first laid to provide protection to the concrete in the first few years. The imprinted concrete sealer will wear down over time, so it makes sense to re-seal the imprinted concrete driveway or patio every 3-5 years depending how much wear and tear it gets.

Our imprinted concrete sealers are sometimes called stamped concrete sealers or pressed concrete sealers and come in a matt, silk or gloss finish. The gloss finish is often referred to as a 'wet look' sealer and will give a nice satin look to a driveway or patio.

If concrete repairs are required, we have concrete crack repair compounds to repair small hairline cracks or holes in concrete. Sealer repair fluid is used to correct problems relating to whiteness or peeling or flaking sealer.