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By Sandeep Ohri

This driveway cleaner did excellent job. Brought my concrete slabs to glory. Will recommend this product.


Excellent result from the cleaner in removing several years of marks, stains and algae from our imprinted concrete drive after having previously used it on our Indian stone patio.

By Fiona WhyteFROM Auchterarder

This driveway cleaner really did shift 2 years of grime on a monoblock drive. Impressed and would use again.

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Drive Clean Xtreme (2 x 5L Bundle)

Buy 1 Get 1 Less Than Half Price. Powerful, Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner. 5 litres treats 40 m². Removes black spot, algae, lichen in 60 minutes

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Product Description

Driveway Cleaner for Block Paving. Best Concrete Driveway Cleaner

**Please note: by purchasing this offer, you will receive 2 x Drive Clean Xtreme - 5 Litre (usually 31.95 plus delivery each.)

Best driveway cleaner for Block Paving, Concrete and Natural Stone Driveways. A powerful Black Spot remover for driveways. *Not recommended for use on Tarmac*

DriveClean Xtreme is a fast acting, high performance cleaning product. DriveClean Xtreme offers the easy way to keep block paving or any other hard surface driveway clean without intense pressure washing. Simply dilute 1:1 and apply to a wet surface by watering can or sprayer, ensure that surface remains wet for 60 minute period, then rinse away with clean water. For areas of heavy contamination or soiling, leave product on surface for longer or re-apply.

DriveClean Xtreme contains 4 powerful, active ingredients that will clean and inhibit further growth and spread of

  • Black Spot
  • Algae and Lichens
  • Moss
  • Surface Grime

5 litres of product will clean and treat approximately 40 m of block paving; 25 litres will cover 200 m; wear appropriate safety wear at all times. See technical page for more information.

If you want a powerful block paving cleaner, DriveClean Xtreme works quickly and effectively. The driveway cleaner for block paving will remove stubborn black spot that can be hard to shift.

Product FAQs

Q: Will this kill weeds between block paving or do I have to treat or remove them first?

Don McAllister

A: No, the Drive Clean Xtreme will not kill weeds. Would be best to use a weed killer first and once they're gone, you would then use the Drive Clean Xtreme.

Response from George

Q: Will Xtreme Cleaner remove Old sealant of inprinted concret as seems to be White spot on the concret now, So i can but a fresh batch down, thanks Vincent Brennan.

Vincent Brennan

A: The Xtreme Cleaners have been formulated to be used on sealed surface without damaging the sealer. It will not remove or harm your sealer, which will get rid of the whit spot for you.

Response from Reece
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  1. Sweep away loose debris & areas with a heavy build-up of dirt & grime.
  2. Wet surface area with water.
  3. Dilute DriveClean Xtreme at a ratio of 1:1. If removing black spot, don't dilute (use neat).
  4. Apply product to surface using a watering can or sprayer.
  5. Make sure that surface area doesn't dry out before rinsing off.
  6. Leave on surface area for upto 60 minutes.
  7. Rinse area with water.

It is important the Driveway remains wet throughout during 60 minute period, as the product becomes inactive once dry. Most ingrained organic matter and grime will be removed after one application, but sometimes a second application may be required to remove all black and white spot algae.

Health & Safety

DriveClean Xtreme
contains chlorine as an active ingredient and will stain fabrics and sensitive materials. Take care to avoid contact with fabrics during application. Toxic to aquatic life, wear protective gloves and goggles at all times. DriveClean Xtreme can cause skin burns, avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.


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