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Imprinted Concrete

Sealer for Driveways and Patios

Imprinted Concrete Sealer for Driveways, Patios and Paths

Smartseal supply a full range of imprinted concrete sealer, concrete sealants and repair materials. We also offer comprehensive help and advice regarding the use of all our sealing products. Imprinted concrete sealer can be supplied in a Matt or Silk finish.

The regular application of imprinted concrete sealer will protect and enhance all printed and stamped concrete driveways and patios. For old or poor conditioned driveways we supply coloured tints, crack repair materials and sealer repair fluids. If the concrete is slippery we can supply an anti-slip additive to make the concrete less slippery to walk on.

Before undertaking your printed concrete driveway or patio restoration project contact us or call 01268 722500 for FREE expert help and advice.

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Sealing Imprinted Concrete with a Matt, Silk or Gloss Sealer

Imprinted concrete driveways and patios should be re-sealed on average every 3-5 years. If your driveway looks good when it is wet or damp, then all that is required is top up coats of sealer, we would always recommend two new coats of concrete sealer are applied to acheive a even finish.

For re-sealing patterned concrete our imprinted concrete sealer SILK is ideal. For older driveways or patio's in poor condition that do not even look good when wet, our imprinted concrete sealer MATT combined with half a tub of colour tint should make it look as good as new. Before you think about re-colouring imprinted concrete, we suggest you send us some pictures first via our image uploader. We can then assess whether you need to add colour to the sealer or just use a clear sealer to ensure your patio or driveway looks like new.

If your driveway has cracks or chips, we supply our crack repair compound. This repair compound when mixed with sealer will create a very strong paste that can be used to repair damaged surfaces.

If you require and advice on product ratios or application techniques please call us on 01268 722500.