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Tarmac Restorer

For Coating Tarmac and Asphalt Surfaces

Tarmac Restorer for Driveways, Car Parks and Tennis Courts

This section of our website provides helpful information and all the materials required to clean, repair and protect tarmac or asphalt. We do not sell tarmac paint as it does not last. Instead, we have developed a durable tarmac restorer called Tarmaseal.

With exposure to the elements and vehicular use, tarmac will lose colour, become brittle, start to crack and potholes can often appear. Our tarmac restorer is acrylic polymer based and solvent free.

It rejuvenates the colour and reintroduces weather resistant resin into the tarmac without changing the texture of the surface. Smartseal tarmac restorer is superior to tarmac paint that sit on the surface of the tarmac and has only a limited lifespan

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See our individual product sections for the cleaning - repair - coating - and after care of tarmac and asphalt below

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Smartseal tarmac restorer is not a tarmac paint and has been developed to help rejuvenate the look of tarmac surfaces that have dried out and lost colour over time. After application, this durable sealer for tarmac can keep a driveway looking good for many years come.

Tarmac driveways, car parks, playgrounds and other surfaces will fade and lose some of their original colour over time with constant exposure to sunlight. Unlike a cheap tarmac paint, our tarmac restorer will replace lost resins from any tarmac that has dried out over time as well as putting the original colouring back into the surface. It is very durable and the sealer for tarmac can extend the lifespan of most tarmac surfaces quite considerably.

Prior to using Tarmaseal tarmac restorer, it is best to prepare the surface prior to application. The tarmac should be clean and dry and any holes or cracks filled in before application. Once any tarmac repairs to the tarmac or asphalt have been carried out, the tarmac restorer can be applied by roller or brush. For larger areas such a school playgrounds an airless sprayer can be used. The sealer for tarmac or tarmac restorer is supplied in a number of colours - black, red and green.

Tarmac restorer from Smartseal should not be confused with cheaper tarmac paints that can easily peel or flake off. It has been used extensively on tarmac car parks, school playgrounds, tennis courts and other commercial surfaces.