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Tarmac Restorer

For Driveways and Commercial Surfaces

Tarmac restorer for driveways, car parks, tennis courts and playgrounds

On this section of our website you will find all the materials required to clean, repair, restore and maintain your tarmac or asphalt.

Tarmaseal™ is a quality alternative to tarmac paint that will transform any driveway. Tarmaseal™ rejuvenates and seals the tarmac by soaking into the surface and replacing the resins lost from exposure to the elements. This is in contrast to low quality tarmac paints that sit on the surface of the tarmac and provide only a temporary solution. Tarmaseal™ is a quality tarmac repair coating that can make old tarmac surfaces look like new.

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 Tarmaseal™ will re-colour any driveway, car park or asphalt surface, without changing the texture of the surface. Our tarmac repair and coating products are all easy to apply and suitable for DIY or trade customers. Smartseal tarmac restoration products are highly recommended by existing customers (see reviews). NEW Trade Enquiries Register Here

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If your Tarmac or Asphalt driveway is looking tired, suffering from cracks, potholes or has edging breaking away, some straight forward DIY work is required to avoid the need for complete replacement. As with any external surface in the UK left un-protected, nature, combined with vehicle and foot traffic can soon start to take its toll. Tarmac restorer or rejuvenator is far superior to tarmac paint as it is much more durable and protective.

With only basic DIY or home improvement skills, the repairs to any tarmac driveway or asphalt can be carried out. Once completed, with just a couple of cost effective repair products, our tarmac paint and restoration materials can then be applied. Repairs are normally carried out with the only tools required being a club hammer and bolster. Smartseal supply all the repair materials  required and these are our available from our website to all parts of the UK. For clear, easy to follow instructions on how to carry out these repairs, see our DIY tarmac restoration video.

Generally two coats of either Tarmaseal or our Tarmac repair coating will totally transform the look and general condition of any asphalt driveway. Every few years we would recommend a top up coat of the tarmac sealer to keep the surface in the best condition possible. TarmasealTM is a tarmac sealer and restorer that can be used as a tarmac repair product for both domestic and commercial applications. It has been used to rejuvenate and repair Tarmac at airports, schools, car parks and colleges as well as thousands of domestic driveways.

Tarmaseal can also be used as a easy to apply paint for Tarmac to disguise stains or spillages that have occurred. It is also a highly effective way to blend previously laid areas into newly laid. If you would like to apply to a test area first, sample bottles are available from our website.

Our lower priced Tarmac repair coating is a mineral filled bitumen paint mixed with silica sand, it is a excellent product but unlike Tarmaseal that soaks into the tarmac and replaces the lost resins, our Tarmac repair coating 'sits on top' of the surface like a paint. Both products will totally  re-colour any driveway, car park or any other asphalt surface.

If you are not sure which type of Tarmac repair product is best for you or require any more information about methods or tools required for application, please get in touch via our website or phone, contact us or call 01268 722500