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Sealers for Brickwork and Masonry

Protective Sealers for Waterproofing both Brickwork and Masonry

Smartseal Brick Sealer and Masonry Protection Cream for brickwork will protect against deterioration and damp caused by water ingress. Our dry finish Brick Sealer and Masonry Protection Cream both provide a invisible highly effective protective water resistant barrier to brickwork, stone or masonry. Application of a water repellent product will also dramatically slow down or prevent the growth of algae, lichen and damp.

Our Brick Sealer and Masonry Protection Cream are easily applied by roller, brush or sprayer. Impregnating sealer and creams work by filling the microscopic voids in the brick substrate, preventing moisture penetration. 

Smartseal water repellent products for brickwork are also eco-friendly and water vapour permeable, allowing any trapped moisture to evaporate from the brickwork. Our Brick Sealer is highly effective and a lifespan of approximately 15 years can be expected. Because Masonry Protection Cream will penetrate deeper into the brickwork, a lifespan of 25-30 years can be expected.

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Smartseal are suppliers and stockists of highly effective sealers for waterproofing brick and masonry walls. Brick sealers are solvent free and once cured will give lasting protection to briock walls. The impregnating sealer will provide a water resistant barrier and prevent water ingress on brick walls and masonry.

Sealers to waterproof brickwork are effective in a storm keeping walls dry. Sealers are effective in preventing the spread of damp on brick walls.

Protective Masonry Cream is also great for waterproofing brick walls in a storm and will also keep walls dry and free from damp.