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For Solvent and Water Based Sealers

Sprayers to apply concrete, block paving and natural stone sealers

We supply a complete range of sprayers to that will spray solvents and water based sealers to create an even finish an all surfaces. Our solvent based sprayers are fitted with viton sealers to resist chemical erosion of the sprayer when using solvents.

If using a re-usable sprayer to sprayer solvent based sealers, tool cleaning fluid must be used to ensure the sprayer is free from sealer residue and then it will be ready for re-use. If using water based or solvent free sealers with the re-usable sprayer, they can be flushed through with warm water to clean out.

Suppliers and stockists of concrete sealer sprayers and sprayers for use with solvents.

A wide range of sprayers are available from small sprayers for DIY purposes to larger professional sprayers such as the Gloria 410t which are ideal for repeated use in a commercial environment. These galvanised and stainless steel sprayers are perfect for the professional contractor that needs a durable sprayer that stands up to repeated use.

Before purchasing a sprayer for use with solvents, make sure it has chemical resistant viton seals otherwise you will end up throwing the sprayer away. All solvents must be cleaned out so the sprayer can be used again.