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Natural Stone Sealer - ULTIMATE Colour Enhancer for Sandstone**(see exceptions below) (Sample, 1, 5 & 25 Litre) - NOT recommended for use on Limestone, Granite or Slate

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Sample Available Natural Stone Sealer - ULTIMATE Colour Enhancer for Sandstone**(see exceptions below) (Sample, 1, 5 & 25 Litre) - NOT recommended for use on Limestone, Granite or Slate
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Used this sealer for a number of years, gives an excellent finish to my sandstone paving slabs, which are 15 years old. They look like new

By Colin Beynon

From dry and dusty, to colourful and beautiful. The natural stone sealer was so easy to use, a great price and the results exceeded our expectations, many thanks highly recommended, quick delivery

By Helen Jordan From Cleveland

I've used this product twice now on the same Indian Sandstone patio area. If I'm honest I went back to it as I wasn't sure if I could lay a similar product from another manufacture on top of the old Smartseal enhancer, so I decided to play safe. The existing enhancer was laid on the new sandstone slabs around 18 months ago, but as I had never sealed/enhanced in the past I think I was too careful with it and I dont think I used enough on the slabs so the colours weren't that "enhanced", they were ok but not great, within 6 months you couldnt tell they had been done, hence doing them again this week. They certainly were NOT protected from staining, such as bird droppings or berries being drop by birds. This time I soaked the area with a manual sprayer and then spread it out evenly with a wool roller on an extension pole, the early results look worlds apart !! I made sure not to walk on the area after the first soaking by using the extension pole to spread the enhancer evenly. The guy in the video is seen walking on the area a short time later dabbing up any remaining sealer, I WOULDNT recommend this as you WILL leave tread marks on the slabs which when dry they are fixed onto the surface of the slab. Invest in an extension poll, try not to walk over the wet or drying slabs, if the area is too big work your way backwards, using the roller over your footprints. This enhancer is expensive, it's probably up there with the more expensive brands, whether it proves to be as good as the better known sealers/enhancers remains to be seen. From experience of this particular sealer/enhancer you WILL have to saturate the area , DONT do as I did first time round and be too careful , possibly spreading a bit thinly, spray it on and saturate the area, then spread evenly with a roller, DONT walk over the just done slabs, especially NOT within the time shown on the video or on the instructions. To get good enhancement you'll need deep pockets because this enhancer needs to saturate completely, meaning you cant spread it too thinly. Would I use again ? Not sure due to it not lasting very long last time, but now that its been done again and well saturated I'm expecting a better outcome. Customer service and delivery times though were spot on. I'll also like to try another brand as I've seen outstanding results on a friends Indian Sandstone that was done 2 years and still looks like it was done only recently. Anyway to sum up. Delivered within 1 day, easy to apply, MUST fully saturate to get good results, spread evenly using a roller, invest in an extension pole to avoid walking over the area, roller out any tread mark ASAP, can be expensive product to obtain good results. . Only giving 4 stars due to having to redo this again due to poor stain proofing and colour not lasting, but as mentioned maybe it was put on a bit to careful last time.

By Kerry Hammond From Swansea

Absolutly great product enhance the colour fantasticly sealed the stone against the elements too. not washed yet. Nigel has been a great help and answered any queries i had the videos on the site are clear and very helpful, fantastic company and run well.

By Ronald Hogan

I have recently applied the ultimate colour enhancer sealer to my Indian sandstone after using the patio extreme clean and it has done a brilliant job at bringing the individual colour of the stone out. I have peace of mind that my stone is much better protected and I will definitely be using more as and when required.

By Chris Emery

Brilliant cleaner, brought the colour back to our Indian sandstone patio.

By Simon Walsh

This product is excellent, it not only enhances the colour but seals the stone to protect it. We have used this on our sandstone patio and it has really made the colours spectacular. A year on the patio washed beautifully after winter without any hard work, no signs of black spot or dirt in the stones as they are still all sealed perfectly.

By Charlotte Smith

Yes, sealer does a fine job. Great improvement to five year laid Indian sandstone. Two coats preferable. Expensive, but overall, worth the cost

By Collin Gibson

Love this product. Did a tester of the sealer on a spare flag stone first then did my patio its fantastic. Customer care great too.

By Helen Ingham

Used this sealer on a new indian sandstone patio laid in April 2020. Waited several months as advised before I did the job and used the cleaner product to remove the residue from the sweep in mortar we used. Applied 2 coats of sealer as advised, it looks amazing. Really pleased with teh result.

By Damian Wells

Not impressed expensive product. Preferred patio before. Water stays on it after using enhancer

By Joanna Coles-thomas

Excellent service, the sealer arrived the day after ordering it. Havent used it yet as waiting for a few days of dry weather


The sealer was very easy to apply & very satisfied with the result. Huge improvement on old, neglected, Indian sandstone with colours now visible. Looks like new.

By Andrew Chambers

Used this sealer on a 100 year old sandstone kitchen floor which had previously been under concrete. I had tried 4 other well known brands which made no difference to the look of the floor. This product really brought out the colours and also looks really natural. Had it on for 18 months and looks the same as when I first put it on. Need some more for another area and definitely going to use this product again.

By Fayth Adamsson From Sowerby bridge

Brings back the natural colour of the stone. Already used sealer on one part of the patio, bought more to finish job off.

By Richard Biddle

The natural stone sealer gives simply great results , a highly recommended product.

By David Cape

The natural stone sealant/colour enhancer was delivered well within the covid-related 10 day time frame (think it was after only 5 days). I applied it with a roller which I found to be more effective and efficient than the reusable sprayer which I previously purchased in April 2018 and which I would not recommend using: I applied a generous 1st coat which dried within 45 mins and then topped up with a lighter second coat. It has made an amazing difference to the appearance of the patio and I would strongly recommend the product

By Malcolm Morrison From Hethersett

Great product, sealer really lifted and enhanced the colour of our grey Indian Sandstone paving. Very quick and easy to apply. Would highly recommend this product.

By Craig Messenger From Harlow Essex

Excellent sealer, highly recommended..

By Alan Day

This natural stone sealer was applied with a roller. 1st coat by using plenty of sealant with a light covering on 2nd coat. Works a treat and would definitely recommend. Looks brand new again

By Mark Griffiths From Nr Manchester

This sealer was applied with a roller. 1st coat by using plenty of sealant with a light covering on 2nd coat. Works a treat and would definitely recommend. Looks brand new again

By Mark Griffiths From Nr Manchester

This sealer has worked a treat. My Indian stone has been transformed.

By Russell Underwood From Southport

Just as good as the rest of the products in the range. Fabulous finish, after using the Xtreme Clean and then the Ultimate Enhancer, the patio stones look better than new.

By Mike R From Hampshire

Excellent sealer and very easy to use. Gave my 6 year old Indian sandstone patio a new lease of life, almost back to new. Well worth the investment.

By Matthew Hadlum

Applied the sealer with sprayer, first coat down in no time at all, second coat of sealer was applied around 30 minutes later. Left for 45 minutes and brushed off remaining milky puddles that had collected on mortar. Results are unbelievable. Best product ever.

By Aaron Cook

Applied with sprayer, first coat of sealer down in no time at all, second coat applied around 30 minutes later. Left for 45 minutes and brushed off remaining milky puddles that had collected on mortar. Results are unbelievable. Best product ever.

By Aaron Cook

Applied the natural stone sealer with sprayer, first coat down in no time at all, second coat of sealer applied around 30 minutes later. Left for 45 minutes and brushed off remaining milky puddles that had collected on mortar. Results are unbelievable. Best product ever.

By Aaron Cook

Is very good

By Colin Ellis

This product was applied by spray. with little effort. Works excellent, after 2 coats m patio looks super. Only been sealed for a week at the moment. I will assess after this winter. Although the product is a bit expensive, communication with company is professional.

By Clive Rees

Quality sealer that brings the Indian sandstones out to beautiful effect, I would recommend this product

By Gareth Allerton From Grimsby

Excellent result. Ultimate Enhancer brought out the natural colours of our new stone paving beautifully. Well worth the investment and highly recommended.

By Samantha Brydon

Very pleased with rapid delivery and initial look of sealed sandstone. Time will tell as to how effective the sealant is in preventing staining and algae growth.

By Brian Fowler From Suffolk

The speed of delivery of the sealer was excellent but I cannot comment on the product as yet, the weather has not been good enough to start the process.

By Eric Gore-Browne

Delivered next day, easy instructions for preparation and application. The colours of my paving came to life as it is applied, truly amazing. Ultimate colour enhancer is highly recommended. Well worth the price!

By Michael Holland

ordered some ultimate colour enhancer for natural stone,received it very quickly, to be honest i was a little bit concerned when i opened the product because it was a bit milky looking, thought hey ho lets give it a go and the results were outstanding, it really brought the colours out in my polished indian stone, i would very highly recommend the product and the company

By Paul Calf From merseyside

Excellent product, has transformed the look of our patio (natural stone slabs and cobbles), Two coats applied by spray and a roller used to spread excess. Recommended to brother for his new patio.

By Mick Reeve From Stourport on Severn

Bought and used this product 2.5 yrs ago. Worked pretty well, looked good, with new "growth" being much easier to shift. However, I'm giving it a low rating since I just went to use the remaining 2/3 of the container I had left, and found the liquid had "split" (i.e. was no longer an emulsion - reminiscent to off milk), despite my attempts to agitate it back into life. It's been kept in a brick shed, so disappointed that this expensive item now seems (I guess) no longer usable.

By Nial Tanvir From Cambridgeshire

Bought three samples of Natural Stone Sealers for my new Indian Sandstone patio area. "Wet Look", Colour Enhancer and Ultimate Enhancer. After applying the sealants to three separate 300mm x 300mm flags I have chosen the Ultimate Enhancer as the finish brought out the colours to look to give a very satisfying effect. I have now ordered 25 Ltr. container and will give a further review when the patio has been completed.

By Alan Worman

This is a good sealer, but it does not enhance the colour anywhere near as well as expected and it also requires multiple coats. I would recommend this product but not for use on rainbow sandstone!

By Ben Cardozo

Applied to a freshly laid 6 weeks ago Indian sandstone patio. Cleaned the week before to remove any residue. Apples with a low pressure sprayer with a mini roller to ensure even coverage. What a fantastic finish! Even colour and not to shiny atall. Fully absorbed into the stone. Would definitely recommend we just have to see how long the effect lasts for. Id be happy with 2 years!

By Jonathan Poole From Coventry

Smart seal ultimate colour enhancer looks great on Indian sandstone. I needed to apply two coats with a spray, first cost about 5m sq per litre, second about 10m sq per litre. Then, apply a roller to spread out any puddles. After it dried it brought out a really rich colour with a slight satin finish which makes the patio look very clean and fresh. Will be ordering again for future work

By Andrew Thompson

Brings out the hidden colours of my rainbow sandstone. Dead easy to apply with A1 results.

By Gavin Marshall From Christchurch

I looked at a few different products but glad we chose this one with the tint to bring our colour back! Looks great & easy to apply after watching the videos - thanks for the top tips!

By Sara Roden From Cheshire

So far so good, can see the pattern especially after using stone cleaner. Was a lot of hard work but well worth while. Time will tell but happy enough with results so far

By David Clarke From Rotherham

Tried tester, great job, ordered large container.

By Sharon Marshall

top quality product and service

By Patricia rawlings From steven

Excellent results on Indian sandstone slabs Definitely worth the investment Gives a classis wet look

By James Summerly

Wow. This is good stuff. I thought about buying a cheaper product but this really does enhance the colour and pattern in the sandstone. I wish Id taken a before and after photo. I did two coats within two hours and in late September when it was 17 degrees (has to be 15 and above). Hope it lasts a few years.

By Roy Bowdery From Stevenage

Used this after the extreme clean when the patio had a few days drying we decided on the ultimate enhancer and we are pleased we had that one as it has brought the colours out, even the very pale ones and we can see all the fossilized corals now. Highly recommend this even though it may seem expensive its worth it

By Lesley Stedmon From Worcestershire

Hi Nigel, You spoke to me on Monday with some advice regarding your Smartseal Products and I wanted to send you a couple of photos to show you how vivid the jewel colours in the Indian stone had come up. I can't tell you how pleased we are as the difference is quite remarkable. Unfortunately, we didn't take before photos. Regards Janis Green

By Janis Green From Warrington

Great product: I brushed it onto my Indian sandstone patio (11m x 3.5m) as the stones were riven and so needed thorough application to get into all the surfaces: the liquid isnt thick enough for use with a roller and I considered a sprayer too omni-directional to be effective. The finished effect is darker with a soft matt finish, and really allows the natural stone to look its best. Hard work and not a cheap product but well worth it. Note of caution: I had to clean off bird excrement that morning so used minimal water and absorbent towel to lift it but it still affected the final finish in that isolated area. If you jet wash two days in advance as required by the instructions, try a tarp cover in the meantime to prevent this.

By Kris Hand From Shardlow

Used on rainbow sandstone, it brings up the colour nicely and is easy to apply.

By Paul Allen

Nice stuff easy to apply bit darker than what I thought but still Looks great

By Craig Hannaway

I have to say I am well impressed. Refurbished the hard landscaped garden with Indian Sandstone. It was laid in March and although it looked really good the colours only really showed when wet. The area is 90 square metres of multiple shapes and levels. At the end of May I gave it a light pressure wash and was lucky to have 3 days of dry warm weather. Once dry I vacuumed it with the Karcher wet n dry vac, this picked up the dust and bits of leaves and tree frons etc. Possibly overkill but I wanted to give it the best surface I could. I applied the suggested wet on wet with a cheap garden sprayer with second coat at about 25-30 mins. After about an hour I dabbed up the small white pools that remained with a sponge. The result is fantastic. The colours are richer with a slight sheen. More damp than wet but certainly not artificial or glossy. We had rain a few days later and the water formed droplets akin to a waxed car. I highly recommend the Ultimate colour enhancer. I used about 12 Litres. Not cheap but well worth protecting the investment in the paving. I also coated the reclaimed brick wall areas and these look good and enriched too.

By Alan Jones

When we first contacted Smartseal about their products, MANDY Farr could not have been more helpful with her knowledgeable advice,a few weeks later, when the weather gave us an opportunity to use ultimate enhancer, we had a bit of a panic when the sealer was pooling a little in places, we took a chance that there might be a contractor at their premises at two minutes past seven am to give us some advice, a lady said she would get someone to call back asap, four minutes later Nigel Blake, one of the owners of smartseal , who I found out later was on holiday in Devon, phoned me back and talked me through the problem which resulted in a first class finish,what a fantastic company !

By Gerry Sheahan From GFS Building Maintenance

Ordering & delivery process was seamless, product was as exactly as described on website, I did order a sample bottle to try before investing in the larger bottle. Very please with result on our Indian Rainbow Sandstone.

By Kenneth North

I have a sandstone patio which looked insipid. Once the enhancer was applied the colours stood out more and it looked like the photos in the brochure. Easy to apply and used the exact amount as specified.

By Anthony Lawer From Ruislp

Really disappointed in this. I had high hopes. Tiles looked no different.

By Kathryn Hammant

Brought the colour of the natural stone out beautifully. Paving Needs two days drying time after cleaning and Enhancer eight hours drying after application so needs careful planning in our conditions. However easy to apply (used a sprayer). Lots of rain since and water seems to be 'floating' off nicely rather than sinking in. Will be a while before I can judge the effect on the algae on my North facing patio.

By Steven Ott

Good product. Easy to apply. Only did one coat and the slabs look great. After we ordered the sales staff called and gave us some advice and checked we were using best product for the paving slabs that we have. Would use again.

By S Whiston

Very good product and it does exactly what it says.

By John Adams

Sample arrived in super fast time.Tried some In a corner,well pleased.Ordered 10 litres of sealer again came in no time.Have done some of our sandstone but due to the weather have yet to complete. Very pleased so far.

By Tony Beeson From Cannock

Product was easy to apply, I used a small roller and did the slabs individually (Indian Sandstone) to ensure even coverage, adding a 2nd coat within 30 minutes as per instructions. The final finish brings out all the natural colours, a bit like a wet look but without the shine. After speaking to one of the technical guys at Smartseal he confirmed that a top up application can be added a few months down the line if required but not essential, which is good news if you want to maintain colour. I've only given 4 stars and not 5 because of the price compared to some competitors.

By Kerry Hammond

Bought a sample of this along with the standard Colour Enhancer as I wanted to see the difference in the "flesh" so to speak. I found that the standard one was not dark enough on the lighter coloured sandstone such as light greys so opted for the Ultimate Enhancer. I used a small mini roller to apply it, waiting about 20-30 mins before topping up with the 2nd coat. Personally I think the standard enhancer is ok colour wise on darker colours but when you have a mixture of colours such as Indian Sandstone then the Ultimate Enhancer pulls the colours out better. The overall finish is a mild sheen, not a completely dry look but also not too shiny. I did find though that with some colours on Indian Sandstone the final finish can very slightly alter, some dryer looking than others. I guess this is all down to how porus each stone is and how the product either soaks straight in or slightly sits on top. I did each stone individually ensuring an even coating, but I'm a fussy git. Only 4 stars due to being a bit expensive compared to some of it's competitors.

By Kerry Hammond
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Our Ultimate Colour Enhancing Sealer will transform natural Sandstone** and Indian Sandstone** patios, drives and floors. To avoid trapping in moisture, the sealer is fully breathable and once applied it will leave the surface with that 'just rained on' look, bringing to life the natural rich colours within the stone or slate. The Ulimate Colour Enhancer is a 'colour intensifier' for natural stone surface where the preferred look is when the surface has been rained in and the colours are darkened.

Step-by-Step Video Guide

The high quality unique non solvent formulation of this sealer for most** types of Sandstone means it will not only dramatically improve the look of the stone, but provide long term protection as well.

By 'impregnating' into the surface and sealing from within, our Ultimate Colour Enhancing Sealer offers the very latest in protection.. Solvent Free and safe to use around animals, children and vegetation, the sealer is easy to use with application by roller, sprayer or paint brush.

**Exceptions to Sandstone suitability: 

Please note this product is not suitable for Kandla Grey (mid and light grey) Sandstone and is NOT recommended for use on Limestone, Granite or Slate

If your Natural Stone has been recently 'pointed' using a 'sweep in' pointing compound, please contact us before application on 01268 722500



If required, pre-treat the surface of the sandstone with an appropriate cleaning product, then fully clean the surface of the sandstone using a pressure washer and leave to dry thoroughly for at least 3 days. If pointed within the last 6 months using a 'sweep-in' jointing compound, the surface must be cleaned using Smartseal Residue Remover and left to fully dry prior to applying the sealer.


This is dependant on the porosity and texture of the Sandstone, but the average is 5-6m per litre for the first coat and approx 10-15m per litre for the second coat.

Prior to application always apply to a test area first in an inconspicuous area to determine suitability. 


Important: Once fully cured Smartseal Ultimate Enhancing Sealer is extremely difficult to remove, please follow application procedure correctly or call 01268 722500 for additional advice.

  • Prior to applying, ensure the sandstone patio or floor is totally clean and has been dry for at least 3 days. 
  • Apply to a dry surface in temperatures above 15C and no higher than 23C. Application is recommended by sprayer, roller, microfibre mop, paint brush or on very dense surfaces by sponge.
  • Apply first coat evenly and generously. Allow to dry for about 45mins then remove any excess sealer residue with a dry roller, cloth or dry sponge. 
  • Apply second coat 'wet on wet' with same process of removing any sealer residue after approx. 45 minutes.

    PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the surface enhancing effect after application, one coat to saturation may only be necessary to create the desired finish. 

Make sure no rain is forecast for a least 8 hours after application. Do not attempt to clean using a pressure washer for at least 7 days after application.
Protect surrounding areas with masking tape, when applying the product, wear gloves and googles at all times. ALWAYS APPLY TO TEST AREA FIRST.

**Please note: This product is NOT recommended for use on Limestone, Granite or Slate**

Avoid use of aggressive or abrasive cleaning products, failure to do so can reduce lifespan and effectiveness of the sealer.