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Internal Stone

Internal Stone

Internal Stone Sealers for Floors, Worktops & Walls

We are suppliers and stockists of high quality internal sealers for stone floors, walls and worktops. If you are looking for a sealer that gives lasting protection to stone floors and other substrates, we can help. Our stone sealers will seal sandstone, limestone, slate, granite and marble floors.

Stone sealers provide great protection from red wine stains and other forms of surface contaminants, making ongoing cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Smartseal supply cleaning products for natural stome floors and walls. These non-acidic cleaners will clean slate, marble, granite & travertine fast.


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Stone Floor Sealers & Stone Floor Cleaners 

Sealing stone floors is best done with an impreganting sealer as that will provide the best protection from stains and dirt. Stone floors can be quite porous, especially those made from slate and limestone. Porous stone floors and worktops offer very little resistance to staining, general grime and dirt. Red wine is a particular problem and cannot be easily cleaned from porous stone surfaces.

Our highly protective impregnators for stone floors and worktops will provide lasting protection from dirt, grime and red wine stains. All stone floors and worktops should be cleaned thoroughly before the stone sealer is applied. Use alkaline floor cleaners and avoid using acid based cleaning products when cleaning stone floors.