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By Patricia ProctorFROM Springfield

Afraid I didn't take any before pics in my eagerness to use the products you advised and I bought to clean and seal my riverwash granite worktop but I wish I'd found them years earlier! They have done a brilliant job (just as it says on the tin and bottle!) Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

By Diane Hunter

Perfect. Did the job in one coat.

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Natural Stone Impregnating sealer SOLVENT BASED - (Available in 1 & 5 Litre)

(1L & 5L Sizes Available) Clear impregnating stone sealer for natural stone. Provides superior protection against oil & waterbased stains on natural stone floors & walls. Suitable for sealing Slate, Granite, Marble, Travertine & other natural stone tiles.

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Product Description

Natural Stone Impregnator (SOLVENT BASED)

A fast drying stone impregnator and sealer for all types of natural stone floors and worktops

Smartseal's solvent based stone impregnator is a high quality protective sealer providing excellent protection from oil and water stains. It is suitable for use on most types of natural stone floors and worktops such as those made from slate, sandstone, granite, marble and limestone floors and worktops.

The unique advanced formulation of the solvent based stone impregnator means it can be applied by brush or roller to damp stone and grout straight after installation. This can save a lot of time and money and because of this is considered a superior stone sealer to most types of solvent based stone sealers on the market today.

The stone impregnator penetrates deeply into natural stone substrates and offers superior protection against oil and waterbased stains for polished porcelain and other natural stone surfaces. Oil and water will quickly penetrate into porous stone surfaces and leave stains once dry that can be challenging to remove. Sealing heavily used stone surfaces such as worktops or tiled floors, will give them vastly improved stain resistance to oil, grease, water and other contaminants such as red wine.



The stone sealer is very effective at sealing tiles on stone floors and walls. It is also a superior sealer for sealing stone worktops.

If you require a solvent free sealer for natural stone floors and walls (excluding marble), use the solvent free Natural Stone Impregnator.

Please note prior to application of the stone impregnator, make sure the surface area is clean and dry first. For areas of heavy contamination and ingrained grime use the Heavy Duty Tile & Stone Cleaner. If the grouting needs cleaning use the Grout Cleaner to remove any dirt. To ensure the grout looks like new or if you want to change the grout colour, use Grout Magic.



1 Litre tins with childproof cap
5 Litre tins with childproof cap


Up to 30m² per litre but this will be dependent on the surface porosity. Ensure the effectiveness of the stone impregnator by carefully examining the surface of the floor or worktop being sealed after application.


For best results, a two coat application is always recommended.

Clean areas prior to application with Heavy Duty Tile & Stone Cleaner or for acid sensitive stone flooring use the pH Neutral Stone & Tile Cleaner. If any mould or mildew is present on the grouting, ensure the area is treated with the Mould & Mildew Remover.

1. On the first coat a liberal coat of the natural stone impregnator should be applied to the edges and the whole surface of the stone using a solvent resistant sprayer with Viton seals or a lint free cloth or paint brush. Make sure the stone impregnator is distrubuted evenly across the surface of the floor or worktop by wiping over the surface a few times. Take care to remove excess sealer with a dry lint free cloth that may have 'pooled' and not penetrated into the stone tile after 20-30 minutes.
2. The second coat should be applied approximately 30-45 minutes after the first coat. Repeat the same proces as on the first coat and remove any excess or 'puddled' sealer with a dry lint free cloth.

It can take up to 24 hours before the stone impregnator is fully cure and providing the best protection from stains etc. Until this period of time has elapsed make sure the surface of the floor tiles or worktop is free from water and any oil spills, as staining would be likely to occur.

Please Note: Any areas that are not being sealed should be masked off for protection. We advise that when using any coloured grouting compounds a stain test should be carried out before proceeding.


Clean treated areas with Smartseal pH Neutral Tile & Stone Cleaner. Avoid using any harsh or abrasive cleaning agents which can negatively impact and deteriorate the surface of the treated stone floor or worktop.


If the application instructions are adhered to, the Natural Stone Impregnator should last and be effective for up to 20 years. This may vary depending on the type of surface and the amount of surface wear it receives. 

Product FAQs

Q: What is the best sealer to seal porcelain tiles that are to be laid in our kitchen? Would it be alright to use a foam mini roller to apply it, or a paint pad? How much would I need to cover 35 square mtrs Thank you

Richard Miles

A: We supply a dedicated porcelain sealer (sample available) on our website. 2 litres would cover 35m2. Best method of application is by micro-fibre cloth or sponge. Hope that helps.

Response from Alex

Q: What is the best sealer for a marble table top

Bob Bowles

A: If the marble is polished it would not generally need sealing as it would be very non-permaeble to water and other liquids. If you do want to seal the marble table tob, the Natural Stone Impregnator is the only one we would recommend. It will provide additional stain resistance to water based sealers which are often used internally.

Response from Nick

Q: Hi, we have a new patio laid kandla Indian sand stone in grey, I would like to know in order to keep it looking new what would you recommend I could bring out the grey which looks good in the rain and protect the tiles. Thanks


A: Due to the mineral composition of Kandla Grey Sandstone, when a sealer is applied that contains polymers that 'enhance' the colour or provides a wet look finish, the appearance of the sandstone can be patchy. This is why only the 'dry finish' sealer is recommended. Hope that helps.

Response from Nigel
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