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Limestone Sealers for Internal Floors

Un-treated Limestone floors are generally very porous and very susceptible to staining from red wine, oil and grease in particular. Cleaning and maintenance of limestone flooring can be difficult if it is not sealed as surface contaminants will quickly absorb into the porous limestone floor tiles making them very difficult to remove.

We supply a great range of impregnating sealers for sealing limestone floors that provide long lasting protection and high levels of stain resistance. The limestone sealers make ongoing maintenance and cleaning much easier.

If you are unsure of the best floor sealer to use, call 01268 722500 and one of our staff will be able to help.

We are suppliers of great Limestone floor sealers for lasting protection to Limestone surfaces. These non-solvent impregnators are easy to apply to Limestone flooring, using a brush, roller or sprayer and will dry within a few hours. The impregnating floor sealer for Limestone can be provided in a dry, invisible finish or in a damp, colour enhancing effect.

The best sealers for Limestone floors, kitchen worktops and patio slabs are impregnators, which penetrate deeply into the surface and provide a long lasting, highly protective barrier to surface stains from oil, grease, red wine and water.

Sealers for black limestone in a wet look finish are very popular these days, so if you are looking to buy the best Limestone floor sealer, call 01268 722500 and one of our friendly staff will be able to help.