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Roof Coating

To Transform Older Roof Tiles

Coloured Roof Coatings to make old roof tiles look like new

If you have slate roof tiles that require sealing Smartseal supply the perfect product. Our clear sealer for slate tiles will impregnate and seal up any porous voids within the slate making the slate water resistant, but still able to breathe.

The sealer for slate roofs is simply applied by sprayer or paint brush and a coverage rate of around 6-8 sq metres per litre can be expected. For additional peace of mind the sealer for slate tiles comes with a 10 year product guarantee.

A range of protective roof coatings in a variety of different colours for use on concrete roof tiles. Climashield™ range of roof coating colours can transform the look of old roof tiles and make them look like new. The coloured roof coatings must not be confused with cheap roof paints that can quickly lift off concrete roof tiles. The coloured roof coatings must not be used on clay or slate tiles as they will not adhere to the surface.

Roof coatings are not the same as roof paints that can quickly wear off. Roof coatings for concrete roof tiles will transform the look of older roofs. Roof coatings are avialble in black, slate grey, rustic red, burgundy, deep tan and terracotta.