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By Peter Ward

Cleaned extension roof tiles. Look as good as new.

By Jagjeet SinghFROM -

Easy to use cleaner good technical advice from Smartseal. Could honestly say one of best looking roofs in the street, looks like new. Excellent cleaning product would definitely recommend.

By Stephen Cayzer

The product worked well. The tiles I cleaned were covered in ground in dirt and algae which I haven't cleaned for a long time. I followed the instructions and they now look like new.

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Fast Acting Roof Cleaner to Clean Dirt, Algae & Grime from Roofs

Professional Grade Roof Tile Cleaner. Fast & Easy Removal of Algae & Dirt. Highly Effective. Removes lichen, dirt, green growth & algae fast. 5 litre treats 40sqm

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Product Description

A Fast Acting Professional Grade Roof Cleaner for Concrete, Slate & Terracotta Roof Tiles

Roof Clean Xtreme is used by many roof cleaning professionals to clean roofs without the need for pressure washing. The formulation is a fast acting, high performance roof cleaning product that makes cleaning roof tiles easier than ever before.

Once applied, Roof Clean Xtreme can quickly remove most types of organic growth from roof tiles that have become covered in algae and ingrained dirt over time. Furthermore, this roof tile cleaner will work on clay, slate, terracotta and concrete tiles without risking damage to the roof.

To achieve the best roof cleaning results, just dilute the roof cleaning product 1:1 and use a watering can or sprayer to apply. After around 60 minutes just rinse off or lightly pressure wash the roof tiles with water. In areas of heavy surface contamination or ingrained soiling, leave the product on the surface for longer and scrub in to agitate. In some cases a re-application of the product may be necessary.

Roof Clean Xtreme is a professional grade cleaner that contains four potent cleaning ingredients. 

There are a number of benefits. Roof Clean Xtreme as listed below. It helps with the quick and easy removal from roof tiles of:

  • Black and White Lichen
  • Algae and Light Moss 
  • Bird Stains
  • Ingrained Surface Grime

As a guideline 5 litres of Roof Clean Xtreme will be enough to clean and treat approx. 40 m of Roof Tiles.

Please note, it's important to wear appropriate safety wear at all times during the application process. For full safety information see our technical section below for more information.

To download the Safety Data Sheet, please click here



Prior to use, remove any loose debris or heavy layers of moss with a scraper or brush.

Dilute product at a ratio of 1:1. Apply liberally to the roof tiles using a watering can or pump sprayer. Leave on the surface for around 60 minutes before cleaning off with water. There shouldn't be any need to pressure wash the roof tiles.

The product becomes inactive once dry, so avoid application in hot weather to avoid losing product to evaporation. In general one application should be sufficient to removed most ingrained grime and organic growth.

  • Please note: the product has an oxidising effect and can temporarily stain lead or other flashing materials if not quickly rinsed.

Health & Safety

Roof Clean Xtreme contains chlorine which can bleach and stain fabrics and other sensitive materials, so take care to avoid contact with such materials during application. 

  • Toxic to aquatic life
  • Wear protective gloves and goggles at all times
  • Keep pets off the surface being treated when wet 
  • Keep out of the reach of children as it cause skin burns

If the product gets in the eyes, rinse heavily with water and consult a doctor if necessary.

To download the Safety Data Sheet, please click here

Product FAQs

Q: Hi I’ve purchased some roof clean xtreme from yourselves, before applying it I was just checking if it’s ok to use on artificial roof tiles, Thank you Herve Price 07768-608555


A: Roof clean xtreme is ok for use on most types of artificial and composite roof tiles. We would always recommend carry out a test patch on an inconspicuous area forst for complete peace of mind.

Response from Nick

Q: Hi, is this product safe to use if there are children, pets and plants around.

Michael Olsen

A: The product is corrosive and will damage skin so protectve gloves and clothing should be worn during application. We would suggest keeping children and pets off the surface while it is wet, but once dry they are fine to walk on it.

Response from Nick

Q: Hi, is this product safe to use if there are children, pets and plants around.

Michael Olsen

A: Just as many household every day cleaning products, this cleaning product has to be used responsibly. If used as per the instructions, it will not cause harm to pets, children or plants. Hope that helps.

Response from Joshua
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